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Home Base Network Marketing Business For Your Retirement

Sorry I had to start this article in a very sour way, but my friend just came to me last week and asked me these questions.

“Jason next to the online business that you can get rich, is there any other way?”

“This internet thing is still not right for me.”

Well, I really hate to say this because it sounds like an old broken record, but sometimes it really needs to be played for someone who I think their right brain is still in a coma.

There are of course many ways to become wealthy, the fast, easy or lazy way.

Here are just a few:

1. Inherit wealth

No work, no sweat, no worries.

The problem? It is difficult to be adopted by rich and sick parents. There aren’t many of these people around while this method works.

It only works for a few. If you were one of the blessed, you wouldn’t be reading this article or finding ways to get rich. You would be sailing in the Caribbean now.

2. Marry someone who is already incredibly rich.

If you’re not married now, hey, there’s still time for you to find a wealthy spouse. But that is not the subject of this article as this is again a path to wealth that few can do. Speaking of Hollywood, you might go there and try your luck.

3. Hit it big in the stock market.

Your shares will double and triple in price. However, there is a problem. You have to be rich already to buy lots of stocks and yes, there is always a catch in the stock market. But my friend, this is a rich man’s game, high risk, high return, are you game enough to take the risk?

4. Win the lottery

I have seen many people do it, some even put 10 to 20% of their salary on it. But the math experts already know the truth: “The lottery is a voluntary tax on people who are really bad at math.” You are about 100 times more likely to be struck by lightning than to win the lottery. To put that into perspective, the odds are that you would have to be struck by lightning 100 times before you won the lottery. Oh god out of a million numbers there’s only one, and after being struck by lightning a hundred times, do you really want to go out and have a good time spending your lottery money?

Lottery is entertainment, a reason to watch television or newspapers to check if your number won a dollar or two. Play the lottery for fun, don’t use it as your primary investment.

5. Write a hit song or sing a hit song

I can’t sing. In fact, I can barely hum. If you are one of those rare individuals with a superstar musical talent….go for it! Use that talent. Go for American idol make a million or two and enjoy. However, this article is not about writing hit songs. So if you’re like me and can’t hold a tune, relax. There are plenty of other ways to financial independence.

And what about writing the great romantic novel?

Well, this is also a path to financial wealth, but a very rare way. Very few people are able to walk this path.

Well, if these familiar paths to wealth won’t work for most of us, how do average people get so wealthy?

How you can utilize technology and people for your business.

Ok listen the first way to increase your income and build your investment fund is to make your money work for you. And, as we’ve seen, there are several ways to accumulate the money you need to start your investment fund.

The second way to build your investment fast is through the principle of LENDING on the efforts of others and technology to help you accumulate and build your investment fund faster.

Here’s how to leverage people in your business.

As the only employee in your company, you are limited to how many projects you can do in a day with only two hands and 8 hours. If you want to make more money, it is by increasing the number of projects you can do, then you need to hire a worker or helper.

Maybe you decide to pay your employee $20 for every project he or she does. Since you charge your client $30 for each project, you now earn an extra $10 every time your employee completed a project for you.

The more people you hire, the more projects you have in hand and the more money you make. This is what we mean by leveraging your time and effort through other people.

Should you hire more employees and use this leverage principle?

This is just another method of building your investment fund. Having extra options and choices is always nice.

Any time you start a business, you can use this people’s leverage principle to quickly build your investment fund. However, many people will not use this method to exploit because:

1. They don’t want employee headaches

2. They want to keep their business small and manageable.

3. They don’t want to be responsible for supervising other people.

4. They don’t want the paperwork and insurance headaches, etc.

If this method of leveraging people doesn’t appeal to you, there’s another way to leverage your efforts.

Most people do network marketing every day, but they just don’t get paid for it.

You see, network marketing is nothing but recommending and promoting what you like. If you’re like most people, you recommend and promote:

Like when you see a good movie, do you want to tell your friend? Or sports teams, restaurants, funny joke and the list goes on…….

Since you recommend and promote daily, why not get paid for it, right?

Or you can continue to recommend and promote for free. Free is not bad. Charity work makes the world a better place. But if you’re tired of working for free and want to join some smart entrepreneurs who get extra income in their mailbox every month, you’ll want to check out Internet Network Marketing.

These companies will actually pay you to recommend and promote their goods or services. Instead of spending money on television commercials or newspaper ads, these companies rely on word-of-mouth promotion.

Think about it. What long distance services promoted on TV by an actor you didn’t like? Or the long distance service recommended by your mother or your best friend you felt was not good?

Thousands of different goods and services are promoted through network marketing. Word of mouth advertising is powerful. Traditional media doesn’t stand a chance against a trusted friend’s recommendation.

So how does the principle of people exploitation fit into network marketing and technology?

Think of network marketing as a family tree or genealogy. Businesses that use network marketing to distribute their goods and services pay you not only to tell other people, but also when the people you tell go out and tell other people, etc., etc. … .In other words, you could tell A who tells B, who tells C, who tells D and so on, and you can earn a monthly bonus check on all their spending and sales.

These are people who take advantage at work.

And if you can tell the world about your product or services, you will do business worldwide. Let’s say you have a relative who lives in another state, or your brother who now lives in Canada, maybe in Asia. How can you show him or her about your great opportunity and your product? You don’t have to travel to them, use your computer.

The Internet.

In every field, from health insurance to electronics, from education to stock trading to home buying, more than 50 percent of American consumers already access the Internet, it is so convenient now that we can call and see each other on the computer or even sent an instant message and image by pressing our enter key on our keyboard. Don’t be a “dinosaur” if you read my last article:

Home Base Business by W=P x T you know what I’m talking about.

I know some people who use their network marketing income to accelerate their investment fund. In some cases, their part-time network marketing income exceeded the income from their regular jobs, so they decided to make network marketing their full-time profession.

Over five million people already collect an extra income from their part-time network marketing business in the US alone, but the Internet population is larger than the populations of China and India combined.

Since you already recommend and promote what you like, shouldn’t you also consider getting paid for it?

Internet network marketing is one of the fastest ways to a quick retirement, this is important especially if you are between 45 and 50 years old and don’t have much time for your money to earn compound interest. So if you are no longer young, don’t panic. Network marketing can help you catch up on your investment fund in a hurry, and if you’re in your 30s, get ready to retire young and rich.

That’s why I like network marketing.

To the top.

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