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50 Cents and His Rolls Royce Phantom

Real Name: Curtis James Jackson

Date of birth: 6 July 1975

50 Cent (aka Fifty or Fiddy as pronounced in African American language English, born Curtis Jackson on July 6, 1976 in Queens, New York), is a popular African American hip hop artist. Once virtually unknown outside his hometown of Southside Jamaica, Queens, he is currently signed to Eminem’s label Shady Records and Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment. The rapper, who was the first to sign with Shady Records, was scouted before he knew Eminem. Eminem first encountered 50 Cent with MTV News reporter Sway Calloway; Eminem apparently hadn’t heard any of 50 Cent’s performances before seeing him in person. He appeared on the 8 Mile soundtrack with an accompanying song and video (“Wanksta”) that immediately went into heavy rotation on BET, MTV and radio stations across the country. In the opinion of many observers, his continued success seems to be guaranteed by his large underground fan base and the street credibility he has gained by appearing on nearly every major mix tape sold in New York in the past few years.

Early life

Curtis Jackson never knew his crack-cocaine-addicted father, and his mother, a bisexual Queens drug dealer working under “Fat Cat,” was murdered when Jackson was just eight years old. Her death had a major impact on Jackson, the extent of which is speculated by fans, and her sexuality also played a central role in Jackson’s emotional growth, which he would later reference in the song “Hate It or Love It” from The Game’s album The Documentary ), “Comin’ up, I was confused, my momma kissin’ a girl/ Confusion occurs, comin’ up in a cold world”. The same song also contains a mild indictment of his father’s absence, “Daddy ain’t around, probably out committin’ felonies”.

After his mother’s death, Jackson ended up living with his grandparents, where as a teenager he became immersed in the local drug trade. Jackson trotted around his native Jamaica, Queens neighborhood, going by the name “Boo Boo”. It was during this period of drug distribution that Jackson met Queens native Tony Yayo, who would later become a member of Jackson’s G-Unit group. In June 1994, Jackson was arrested on felony drug charges. Being a second-time offender, Jackson was able to avoid significant prison time by agreeing to seven months in a “shock detention” boot camp. He would later brag about this period when he did “seven to nine”.

He fathered a son, Marquise in 1997. Jackson met Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC fame and was signed to his label JMJ. Jay taught him the basics and then 50 left the label in search of someone to help him achieve his dream of rap stardom. He teamed up with hip-hop production duo Track Masters, who recognized 50 Cent’s talent for sharp lyrics and signed him to Columbia Records in 1999. Although he looks back on this time with displeasure (his biography refers to it as being “locked in” the studio “), the 18 days spent in a studio in Upstate New York produced 36 tracks that later became his breakthrough album Power of the Dollar. “How to Rob”, the humorous ode to robbing a number of industrial rappers (Jay-Z, Puff Daddy , Busta Rhymes (Flipmode Squad), various members of the Wu-Tang Clan, even the Track Masters and many more) was an instant hit to New York radio.Power Of The Dollar was never released due to his firing in 2000, and Columbia Records managers decided to drop him, claiming that the shooting was negative publicity.

His car

In the world of hip-hop, cars make the stars, and there’s no star bigger than 50 Cent right now. But ‘Fifty’ isn’t satisfied with what’s in his garage, and he plans to turn the automotive world upside down, literally. 50 Cent is turning his Rolls-Royce Phantom into a drop-top even before the company does the work for itself…

“I just want something that everyone else doesn’t have,” the megastar declares backstage at a one-off UK concert at Rockingham racecourse. He then unleashes a tidal wave of how and why he wants to slaughter his Phantom. “I don’t care if it destroys the electrical system. The roof will be gone. I want something more sporty. I’m not an old man. That’s why I want to chop the roof off. I go the TVs. They had TVs in the package I got. It’s fully loaded. I leave everything in there. I just cut the roof off. Make it a ‘vertible.’

The man 50 will turn to for this ultimate chop-top is Funkmaster Flex, New York’s car artist to the rap stars. The Bronx-based customizer, 50 Cent’s auto instructor and restorer of the singer’s ’65 Chevy Impala and ’84 Buick Regal has tried to talk the megastar out of what some would consider sacrilege.

“I don’t think it’s such a good idea and it will end up costing him almost as much as the car,” predicts the host of the cult TV show ‘Ride With Funkmaster Flex’. Instead of chopping the roof off the Phantom, Flex thinks it would be better to try and buy a production example of the fantastic 100EX convertible concept car when it goes on sale in 2007. An idea 50 is having none of that.

“They won’t give me one,” he huffs with the air of an angry teenager. “Letting me drive a Rolls-Royce is great [promoting the company]but they don’t see eye to eye with the child yet.”

50 (I’ve been warned not to call him Mr. Cent!) flexes his considerable muscles. Less than three years since he was catapulted to the top of the hip-hop parade with a jab from Eminem, 50 is basking in the power of fame and wielding a $100 million fortune that would power many a small country.

Fame and fortune come at a price. In 2000, Curtis James Jackson III was shot outside his grandmother’s house in New York. Now there are more bullet wounds in his body than fingers on one of his swollen diamond encrusted hands. A 9mm shell even went through his front teeth. Every time he laughs, I try to spot it. So far I have failed.

Specifications for the Rolls Royce Phantom

Model year: 2005

Make: Rolls Royce
Model: Phantom
Style: RWD
Base Price: 328750$
Drive Type: Rear
Transmission Type: 6-Speed Automatic
Engine Type: V12
Horsepower (hp @ rpm): 453 @ 5350
Torque (ft-lbs @ rpm): 531 @ 3500
0 - 30 (sec): 2.3
0 - 45 (sec): 4.1
0 - 60 (sec): 5.9
0 - 75 (sec): 8.8
1/4 Mile (sec @ mph): 14.3 @ 98
Top Speed: 150 mph

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