Best Place To Take Photos New York Fashion Week A True (Entrepreneurial) Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance

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A True (Entrepreneurial) Tale of Synchronicity and Guidance

Over the years, people have come up to me and asked how I got into the special events industry, or how I started my special event venue and production company and became an “expert” so quickly. I thought that one day I would put the story in writing for those who are curious, and I decided that day had come. It seems quite timely as I recently made the decision to completely release my corporate business to devote myself solely to teaching my You are welcome to bloom program to help others align with universal laws to overcome adversity and achieve as I have.

The only client I’ve had in the last few years has been Campbell Soup, which spent over $450 million doing campaigns targeting kids. That client came to me literally “out of the blue” right after I started teaching my program. I played a key role in these promotions, securing spectacular locations – the Hollywood mansions, the English castle and the private Caribbean island that lucky children would win for a week’s stay with their friends and family as the grand prize. This August was the fulfillment month for campaigns #4, 5 and 6 booked earlier this year. I realized last August that it was time to “cut the cord” after two decades of owning a business that serviced the world’s largest corporations.

So how did this two-decade career start? What was my background and experience? How did I get started? Did I have any material or financial advantage? Were prosperity principles involved?

The answers…

o How did this career start? Out of the blue

o What was my experience? None

o How did I get started? Pure synchronicity and intuitive guidance

o Did I have any material or financial benefit? Absolutely not

o Were prosperity principles involved? Of course yes

The story…

Be prepared for a detailed account of synchronicity and universal guidance based on my application of prosperity principles – this will be a free-flowing narrative as I remember the details. I may not be inspired again to tell it, so I will offer it in full. But I’ll post it in sections so it’s not overwhelming and so you can absorb the full impact of the synchronicity and prosperity lessons you’ve learned along the way. You will discover how the beginning of this story flows into the subsequent connected experiences and weaves itself into the creation of my company and the business that lasted over 20 years, despite some very intense times. This part contains Part I and a link that takes you to the rest of the story in progress…

It begins in the early 80s and at a time in my life when I was in limbo and in debt. I had made my first attempt at a freelance business that gave me some experience but didn’t go very far. I was at a crossroads and in debt and didn’t know which direction to take. I was in various stages of studying metaphysics and learning about the mind and mental and spiritual laws. I knew I had to do something about my situation and do it fast. I was always fascinated by the metaphysical and psychic world, parapsychology and the whole idea of ​​being “guided” by our intuition. So I made the decision that my immediate “job” would be to seriously apply what I had learned from the prosperity teachers and literature. And I did just that. I took what I learned and put my heart into applying it.


It was a very, very hot summer day in Los Angeles – a heat wave. The last thing I would have thought of doing was shopping for clothes or running around town in the heat. Hey, I loved fashion, but there was definitely no money for new wardrobe items. I had to find a way out of thousands of dollars of debt that I had somehow managed to incur while “free lancing” in business.

I suddenly had a spontaneous urge to go to the very exclusive department store, Bonwit Teller, on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills. I didn’t know why. Well, I reasoned, at least it would be well air-conditioned. I drove to the store and went to the designer department.

There I immediately ran into a salesperson I hadn’t seen since she worked at Neiman Marcus and had sold me a few items maybe a year or two before. Imagine my surprise when she said she had been thinking of me that very morning and said to herself, I bet Marilyn would know what to do with this situation. She knew of a woman who lived in Palm Springs who was trying to sell a sculpture by the sculptor Brancusi, and the owner offered a finder’s fee to someone who could find her a buyer.

Brancusi? Never heard of him. I actually knew nothing about the art business and certainly didn’t want to know how to find a buyer for any kind of art or sculpture. But I was fascinated. Why, out of 14 million people in this city, was I intuitively drawn to this opportunity, and why did this salesperson think of me for the assignment that morning, even though she hadn’t seen me in well over a year and didn’t know much about my business ability? Why did I feel compelled to go to the store? My intuition told me that this was a response from my prosperity work and that I should follow up, even though I had no idea what to do at the time.

I got pictures of the sculpture from the owner and did some research by calling galleries and such. I discovered that the owner had already shopped it around for a few years. Also, Constantin Brancusi is a famous sculptor whose modern abstract works sell for tens of millions, but this was an extremely early piece by him – a plaster head of a boy, not his abstract style at all, not even a bronze, and apparently no one had value in the art world. The sculpture had been a wedding gift to this woman many decades earlier in Romania. When the Nazis came in and confiscated valuables, she managed to smuggle the piece out through Italy and brought it to America years later. Now as an older woman, she had no more attachment to work and preferred the income instead. Everywhere I called or visited, gallery owners and art professionals told me to forget it, no one would want that. The piece is too early, it’s not Brancusi’s distinctive style, it’s just plaster, not even a finished sculpture. (I will say though, from the pictures I had, it was a sensitive and lovely version of this young boy’s head).

But all I could feel inside was that this was MY demonstration of prosperity and it was given to me for a reason. I wouldn’t give up…

Around that time, I attended a Wednesday evening healing class led by Janet Levy, a metaphysical teacher who called her class Expect a miracle. In fact, she would give us all little confirmation cards. On one side was written “Expect a Miracle” and on the blank page we were to write our own affirmation or what we wanted to “demonstrate”, another metaphysical term for manifest.

After several months of getting nowhere with calls regarding a source to purchase this Brancusi, I made a decision. I sat down quietly and very simply said to Infinite Intelligence, the Universe…”Find me a buyer for Brancusi.” Thats it. Simple. Clear. Easy. There would be no more outward action on my part. I had done what I could do even without result.

I must have intuitively known it was time to let go and let the universe take over. As you will see, this was one of my greatest lessons in spiritual law as I learned from this experience that we do not have to exhaust ourselves trying to force things to happen and THEN decide to go to our Source . We can go to our source at the very beginning and save a lot of time and trouble. As they say, we can go direct and cut out the middle man. 🙂

I continued to sit still, and suddenly I heard an inaudible whisper coming from somewhere in my consciousness. My inner voice whispered “Guggenheim Museum”. That’s all. Guggenheim Museum. I had lived in Manhattan a few times so I knew the Guggenheim Museum was there, but I had never been there because I wasn’t a fan of modern art. (I had often visited the Metropolitan Museum). But the voice said Guggenheim Museum. It was clear.

I picked up the phone and called the Guggenheim in New York and spoke to the curator. She knew the sculpture because she said the owner had kept it with them years before, when she first came to America and while she was settling in Palm Springs in the West. But she said they would have no interest in it. However, she could give me the name of an art dealer who might be able to direct me somewhere. I called the art dealer, Harold Diamond.

The art dealer did not refer me to anyone. Instead, he told me that if I was willing to take the plaster head to New York, HE would buy it himself! He offered $50,000.

Now imagine this scenario…

I had lived in Los Angeles for about 8 years. I had come to LA after spending a year in New York City. I was no longer used to the cold climate (except for the occasional trip to the snow here at Lake Arrowhead). I gathered warm clothes while the owner of Brancusi, having accepted the dealer’s offer, paid for my plane ticket and prepared for my trip to complete the sale. It was the first time I had actually seen the actual plaster head, as it had been stored in a vault in Palm Springs. It was now in a canvas bag with small wheels at the bottom, and it was solely my responsibility to get it safely to its destination.

It was the 5th of January. There was a mass exodus at both airports – LAX and JFK – with people returning from their holiday travels. And here I was rolling this plaster head in a canvas bag among crowds of travelers, taking great care not to let anyone or anything come into contact with that bag (remember, the sculpture was only plaster). If anything had happened to this work of art en route to its intended new home, I would have had to leave the country and hide 🙂

On the plane, when all hand luggage had to be placed under the seat for take-off, I refused to let go of Brancusi. I held it like a living baby. I argued with the attendant until she realized how important this was to me. I wasn’t about to get a plaster head selling for $50,000 to roll down an airplane! I kept it close to my heart for most of the trip…

The story continues here…

© Copyright 2006-2007 Marilyn Jenett

All rights reserved

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