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One – Never Mentioned – Job Interview KILLER

Good manners; courtesy; consideration for others; these are some of the reasons why the job interview question mentioned in this article will rarely see the light of day in any forum.

And hope that the observations cited herein—about why someone might not be hired in a timely manner, and why job seekers rarely hear back from an employer after interviewing—never become associated with you— even when such job candidates bring excellent skills and job know-how into their job interview.

In fact, this job interview question is so devastating to a job search that it’s more akin to throwing human garbage in the middle of a birthday party. Is it too strong an image to evoke? Well… keep reading and decide for yourself.

No, I’m not talking about job search issues like offering an HR representative a bad resume (which is bad enough in itself), or being late for a job interview, or choosing the wrong outfit, or not researching a potential employer before for a job interview. No, the problem I’m talking about here will rarely – if ever – Get the attention of the job seeker who lets this harmful job interview question prevail.

“Did he smell like poop to you?”

Stop laughing. This writer has participated in thousands of job interviews. Too many of them kept me trapped inside a small to medium-sized office where, when the door was closed for privacy, a stale, beefy smell began to build inside the room, making minutes of my life agonize into a terrible neighborhood. hourly increments.

I don’t mean to be rude – and that’s precisely why most job candidates with the problem described here will never be told why they didn’t get the all-important call for a second job interview. After all, who should be the person to call and inform a job candidate that they were eliminated from consideration for employment because of an obvious human odor? What would be the legal ramifications for a company that made such a phone call?

After all, any of us can find that our deodorant fails, and as a result, body odor manifests itself – which is quite understandable. At some point in our lives, it happens to many of us that we get nervous and we sweat, and since job interviews make some of us very nervous, this can cause us to radiate additional amounts of sweat; ergo – increased body odor.

At other times, however, in my experience, I find that some job candidates set new records for interview smell, and they often don’t even realize at the time that they brought their resume, their job references with them to the job interview – and a noxious smell. so strong that it destroyed any chance of getting hired.

I offer two real-life examples to illustrate this problem; examples that might make you cringe, however, examples that I personally witnessed and experienced both with my eyes and my nose. Please excuse the lively words to follow, they are the only way I know to express the negative bias this job interview question usually brings to both the affected job seeker and the innocent employers who are just trying to hire the best possible person for to fill their job opening.

Example one — focuses on an intelligent, professionally dressed lady in a very stylish and appropriate dark blue business suit (it was the winter season); which in retrospect was lucky for us and for her, given the results. She was interviewing for an office manager position for a multi-practitioner facility. When she entered the room and the door was closed behind her, there was an immediate and strong smell of urine, which mixed and entwined with a light, lemony perfume she wore, enough to give the lemon scent a definite twist! A smell that added to its lack of attention as the first minutes of the interview began. What was the cause of the smell? We didn’t know that and we were too polite to ask (see the first sentence of this article). So we quickly conducted the job interview, only to notice afterwards that she had left a small wet spot in the chair she was sitting on; true story.

Example two – another such job-related meeting lasted only five minutes or so because of a small but brownish stain that a job candidate carried with him as he stood to introduce himself there in the small conference room where the interview was to take place. A spot that was clearly seen by us as he turned to sit, a brownish colored mark formed inside the creased area of ​​this job candidate’s trousers; a spot on his pants where his bottom met the seat of the chair—a spot that gave off a strong aroma of well-heated human feces. Very fresh poop, I might add. A smell that had already permeated the room when he had been asked to wait ten minutes or so while I wrote some notes that I was about to make before the job interview was due to take place.

Some readers will accuse this author of exploiting a few limited outrageous circumstances for media attention – and they would be right in that charge. Too many good job seekers miss out on good job offers because of this interview problem, thereby requiring it to be addressed in a public forum if the issue is not to be discussed in the job interview itself – which is unlikely to ever occur due to good manners, courtesy and consideration for others, as mentioned in the first sentence of this article.

Most job-seeking readers of this article will probably assume that they will never have to deal with a problem as pernicious as the ones addressed here. Perhaps the defeated job seekers used in the examples above had health problems that aggravated their bodies and caused the offending circumstances; that’s probably true. Does that knowledge solve the problem for them or the employers or others? None.

And all too often, it’s not a health problem that’s to blame; I have attended such interviews where way too much cologne or perfume was used by the job candidate, enough to literally chase job interviewers out of the room who had allergic reactions to the chemicals in the air in the room; again a true story.

Same for job candidates who arrive with a very strong smell of fuel; on more than one occasion, job candidates had just filled their vehicles with gas and accidentally spilled gasoline heavily on their shoes and/or hands and the smell wafted into the room, other job candidates had a healthy farm character, even as job interviewers sometimes noticed a series of brownish carpet stains from something the candidates had stepped into before arriving at the job interview.

Whether it’s a case of unexpected diarrhea, a step into a rotten pile, an overdose of cheap (or expensive) cologne or perfume, weak urethral muscles causing a leak, overwhelming body odor from sweat—regardless of the offensive scent, you must double check yourself for these related job interview questions before attending your next job interview. And don’t assume you’re the one person in the world to whom this sort of thing will never happen, even if you’re pulling into a gas station for a quick fill-up on your way to a job interview.

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