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Deep Vein Thrombosis and PH

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that the body’s pH and free radical capacity are among the greatest indicators of health ever known. It all started in 1935 when Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering oxygen deficiency as the cause of most diseases, especially cancer.

Since then, oxygen capacity and related problems have been at the forefront of some of the most brilliant research ever. One of the key components of the health equation is pH. A combination of diet, lifestyle, and drinking habits that increases net acidity lowers the pH of tissues and surrounding body fluids, reducing their ability to carry oxygen. To nourish the tissues and remove waste and toxins, the blood tries to remove some of the metabolic acids from the body fluids and tissues. will be Your body draws alkaline minerals from your bones, organs, and teeth to keep your blood as close to 7.365 as possible.
One of the most dangerous environments for blood is flight, especially long flights at high altitudes.

Most people have acidic lifestyles that don’t consume enough alkaline foods and beverages as a dietary choice. As a result, they are constantly playing tug-of-war with pH balance.

A low pH that causes red blood cells to become sticky and clump from the air quality on board, combined with inactivity from prolonged sitting, can be fatal.

Older aircraft air blows the motors into the cabin interior and then into the interior. There appears to be no data available regarding the carbon dioxide content of incoming air. Newer model aircraft have reportedly improved air quality, but again there is no easily accessible imperial data.

Because CO2 is acidic and carried by the blood, it becomes sticky and forms rolls like stacks of coins called rouleaux. This is seen during live blood microscopy. When red blood cells stick together in Reuleaux or other forms of agglutination, they are unable to flow through the capillaries and release oxygen to the cells. Blood cells can even get stuck in these small vessels and form thrombi. Aside from the acidity of the body topography, rouleaux blood can result from decreased protein metabolism and leaky gut syndrome.

Deep vein thrombosis is a blood clot in a deeper, larger vein and is much more serious. A chronic, inadequate diet, combined with a lack of exercise and possible elevated CO2 levels, provides a ripe avenue for sticky blood that can form serious clots.

Arterial blood is pumped by special valves in the heart and blood vessels to move blood throughout the arterial system as quickly as possible. The return of venous blood occurs mainly due to muscle activity, activity. As the muscles move, they squeeze blood along the veins toward the heart. Once the blood is pushed out, the one-way valve prevents the blood from flowing backwards. When you are very still, some of your venous blood tends to slow down and pool in your legs and feet. Long flights with sticky blood and little movement can cause cold extremities, fatigue, poor concentration and, of course, blood clots and thrombosis.

A more acidic blood is also an opportunity for viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and yeast to thrive. A natural 7.365 blood is ideal for keeping the immune system vigilant and efficient. How many times have you been sick after a flight? What’s called chronic low-level acidosis is a chronic acidification of the body’s topography, the beginning of chronic disease, ideal for blood clots to form.

Since everything in the body is positively or negatively charged, the change in charge caused by the acidic state of the red blood cell membrane allows us to see where the red blood cell membrane sticks and clumps together. This process actually causes more problems than just blood clots. Oxygen, carbon dioxide, and metabolic acids are much more difficult to transport and transform into new biological cells.

This information can be used to reverse this acid body topography using specific strategies, especially in the days prior to flight. Your body’s topography should be slightly alkaline through lifestyle choices, such as alkaline ionized water. Should be 6.9.

If you don’t “do” alkalinity on a regular basis, there is a solution, especially before flying. If you already have phlebitis or are prone to blood clots, you may find it takes several weeks before you notice any improvement in your condition.

Choose lemon or lime, whichever you prefer. You will need a fresh lemon or lime to make 8 teaspoons of juice. Add ingredients to a 12 oz glass in the following order: Fill the glass halfway with water (6 oz). Add 8 teaspoons of fresh lemon or lime juice. Add 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and stir until the baking soda dissolves. Do not remove foam. Drink this mixture twice daily for a few days before your flight and for a few days after your return. If you fly regularly, you can add this to your routine as well as monitor your urine pH with pH strips designed for this purpose purchased from health food stores.

This solution contains the alkalinity and antioxidant vitamin C to condition the blood, keep it vibrant, and improve its ability to transport and process oxygen, CO2, dietary and metabolic acids. . Alternatively, you can order a club soda with a slice of lemon on board. Cheers, Happy Flying!

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