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Managing Your Working Day in Inside Sales

CRM or not – that is the question

Most organizations I work with have some form of customer database or CRM (customer relationship management) system in place. If so, you should learn all aspects of it and work with it. Simple.

A good CRM allows you to track all your contacts with your customers, what you said, what they said, and the progress you made along the company’s sales process. A CRM helps curate data such as key performance indicators (KPIs). Many of them also have built-in calendar and email management.

If you don’t have a CRM system, buy one, lease one in the cloud like Salesforce, or use the latest version of Microsoft Outlook with a CRM add-on. Better yet, get Office 365 for yourself and your team, add CRM, and cook on gas. If you are familiar with Outlook and the Office suite of products, the learning curve for Office 365 is negligible. We’ll show you how to do this, and eventually tackle time and email management.

Office 365 is an inside sales rep’s dream. Add Dynamics CRM Online for the perfect intuitive solution. Emails, tasks, and appointments from Outlook can be automatically synced to your database. Word documents and Excel files can also be saved there. Your conversations are recorded and saved. Not just for you, but for your company as a whole.

There is nothing worse for a customer than being treated like a stranger when they call your business. This doesn’t happen in his excellent CRM system. You and your employees share all interactions with the community within the system. We have systems integrated with social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. You have emails, activities, notes, conversations and documents linked to all your contacts and accounts. Enter Office 365.

use the cloud

Because Office 365 is in the cloud, you can access it from any device over the internet. Not in old-fashioned hard drives. This means you can get data from any device, so set up all your devices first. your mobile phone, laptop, PC, tablet. The database is updated in the cloud in real time whenever an entry is made on any device, so everyone can see the information from their device.

365 contacts

The best feature here is the merge option that allows you to link your social media accounts to your contacts. So when you link with a new contact, their details are automatically transferred to the contact along with the photo.

Once you get into the habit of taking cell phone pictures of people you meet, incorporate this into your contact details. So when they call you on your phone, their name will flash and you’ll also see a photo.

Dragging an email from a new contact into the contact box will automatically create a contact entry with all the details collected from the email.

365 calendar

First set the options so that the calendar looks the way you want it. Determine your working hours for a week that may include Saturdays. Organize the default view of your calendar.

Then decide on the colors of the various items. Here is my suggestion:

  • red – make money

  • Blue – marketing activity

  • Yellow – Management

  • Green – self-development

  • Orange – personal activity

You can see at a glance whether your productivity is high.

Microsoft offers an enterprise-quality web conferencing software platform called Skype for Business. Uses the Skype engine, but does not connect to his personal Skype. Run his web conference with anyone or any group with the click of a button. Be sure to get this and link it to Office 365. Much better than GoToWebinar and also cost effective.

365 tasks

Office 365 comes with a stable task management engine that is underutilized. Many people just list all their tasks on his one giant “To Do” list, which can be very disconcerting.

There are several ways to convert tasks into something more digestible. The first method is to give each task a date (start and end dates) so that the relevant days appear at the bottom of the calendar. Handy if you have to for the day.

I do it another way. Categorize each task so that you can group them in your calendar. I find myself more productive in a cluster than doing similar tasks at random.

First, I am very clear about my purpose, the projects I support, and the goals I need to achieve. I’m sure you are too. With that in mind, you have to choose whether or not to add the item to the task. This should only be done if it advances the objective. If so, it is known as Tactical Next Action – TNA.

I have the following TNAs:

  • TNA: Call

  • TNA: Online

  • TNA: Yes

  • TNA: Write

  • TNA: maybe someday

The last one is true. I currently have 35 items in that category, none of which are deal breakers, but the first four are the most on my calendar.

As new tasks are added to the task list, mark them as unassigned. You can assign a TNA when doing task management. Whenever I have an idea or someone gives me a task, I use my phone to add a task. Don’t rely on your brain to remember. It doesn’t, but the phone does. Tasks go into the cloud and are synced across all your devices.

365 mail

It is the basis for all communication and one of the collection points. Collection points will be explained later. But tame your email once and for all. I know salespeople will drown in it. Method is as follows.

Please turn off the email alert feature before proceeding. This must be his one of the worst distractions for an inside sales person.

While it is permissible to check your email periodically for important items, it is best to do this every few hours. For example, 9am, noon, 3pm, 5pm. But if you only deal with urgent stuff, leave the rest until you clear your inbox for later. Below you can see that he creates four boxes that determine whether the task should be carried out, delayed or ignored.

If you need to keep track of urgent emails as they come in, buy yourself a smartwatch and connect your inbox via Bluetooth. I have a Microsoft Band that does this. It vibrates and you glance at your small screen without accessing your email.

And I have to clear my inbox every day. Method is as follows.

Choose a time slot of 60 minutes each day. Start with the first email. Can you handle it in under 2 minutes? If so, please deal with it. If it takes longer than 2 minutes, put it in a task to be processed at another time. Simply drag your email onto the task area in Office 365 and the task will automatically populate. This task remains unassigned and can be assigned an SNA later.

If it’s something you don’t need, like a subscription, see if you can unsubscribe. Have no mercy on these.

If you need to file it somewhere, just drag it to the folder on your PC where it belongs.

Processing emails this way clears your inbox. And you have to do this every day. Trust me, it will make you feel better.

collection point

It’s a term that describes where information and communication come into business. Just think about the collection points you have. This is mine when I first did this exercise.

  • text

  • e-mail

  • Position

  • on the desk tray

  • desk

  • car dashboard

  • Sticky notes on computer screen

  • Tasks not assigned by phone

  • mobile voicemail

  • landline voicemail

  • direct social media messages

  • WhatsAppCommunication

  • ideas stored in the brain

The aim is to reduce them. I was ruthless because the more collection points I had, the harder it was to control everything and quickly overwhelmed me.

  • text

  • Office 365 email

  • unassigned tasks such as ideas

  • A tray on my desk for all paperwork, including mail

  • Plafolder briefcase for storing receipts, etc.

Email is king to me, so I send everything to my email inbox. You can access it from your mobile phone, so you won’t miss anything. All social media messages are sent to e-mail, eBay notifications and all. This means my inbox is filling up every day, but I’m clearing this out every day.

Doing all these things will allow you to manage your time really effectively and focus on selling. that’s right.

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