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Great Gift Ideas For Photographers

Here are 30 gift ideas for photographers. We have also put together a list of recommended prices. Happy shopping!

1. Portable reflector. Photographers cannot have many light modifiers. Reflectors come in numerous sizes and configurations. See what they have and choose a model they don’t have. Many of these are folded into small cases. Alternatively, consider purchasing a reflector holder that you already own. ($30-$150)

2. Chips and chipsNot the type of potato, but the type of memory card. Explore camera formats like compact flash, smart media, and buy a few more. Very inexpensive when purchased in bulk. Take one out of your camera or chip carrier, note the make and model, and try to buy the same or more memory. ($20-$100)

3. Portable Hard Drive / Image TankThese battery-powered devices are pocket-sized and copy pictures from the camera chip and store duplicates on your hard drive. Some of them have a preview screen and TV output, so you can enjoy your photos as a slideshow. It works as a hard drive when connected to a laptop. Perfect for on-location shoots and long vacations without a computer. ($100-$300)

4. Another lens! If you’re a photographer with a single lens reflex (SLR) camera, you’re wondering what lenses you have and what you want. This is one area where photographers are very picky, so you might want them to talk about specific makes and models. Let them talk about themselves if they want to go “all out” dream lens – It’s something they really want (and probably don’t need) and don’t buy for themselves. ($100-$5000)

5. Filters for lenses. There are various filters and modifiers that can be attached to the lens. You will want to know the size of the lens (measured in millimeters) and what it has or wants. Some ideas are: Circular polarizers (reduce glare and deepen sky colors), close-up lenses (magnify to get closer to small things), ND filters (make part or all of the image reduce light) . ($30-$150)

6. Monopod and swivel. A monopod is like a walking stick with a string attached to the top. It is also ideal as a substitute when a tripod cannot be used. Even better, with a swivel head attached to the top of the monopod, photographers can rotate the camera from horizontal to vertical while still enjoying the stability of the monopod. (Monopod: $30-$100; Swivel: $30-$100)

7. Inexpensive waterproof compact digital cameraRegardless of the major brand, having a small, pocket-sized, waterproof digital camera is great for everyday use, location scouting, and spontaneous photography opportunities. Create a clean image. Some even shoot videos. Waterproof means you can swim with it, shoot in the rain, or leave it in your sweaty pants pocket all day. ($200-$400)

8. REGISTRATION ON ONLINE PHOTO FORUMS OR TRAININGSThere are some great pay sites on the net. The Digital Wedding Forum caters to experienced wedding and portrait photographers as well as new professionals. Web Photo School is a great way to learn the basics of photography and editing. They can spend hours learning and having fun online if they find something that matches their interests. ($100-$200/year)

9. Subscribe to photo magazinesThere are many good magazines. Consider going to a good bookstore and getting him a copy of a few different magazines with a note to subscribe to your favorite magazine. That way they will be able to check out many publications and you will be sure they really enjoy their subscription.($30-$80)

10. Destination vacation. OK, this can take time and money, but as long as you’re patient and have the photographer stop and take your flowers, you both can have a good time and they’ll really appreciate the travel and photography opportunities. ($Cheap-$NotCheap)

11. Photo sharing gift certificateIf you’re already using your favorite online site or local lab, get a gift card or certificate. Otherwise, check out the best stores and sites and choose one to load your starter account or gift card. ($select)

12. Make a product out of their work. My wife once made a calendar using my images and I loved it. Think of ways to highlight their work. Check out some of my other articles on creative ways to display or use photos. ($10-$100)

13. Connect them with mentors. Find someone they look up to in the world of photography and arrange to meet them. Or try getting a signed or personalized book or video. At best, their mentor will take them to a training or coaching session. ($ wide range)

14.Gift certificate to frame shopYou can never have too many framed prints. ($50-$500)

15. Gift cards from major photo storesPhotographers can find great products in both local stores and big stores like Adorama and Beach Camera. ($50-$500)

16. Gaffers TapeA black tape that does not easily leave marks like packing tape. Expensive but great product. ($35/roll)

17. Camera case or backpackAs they get more stuff they will need more or bigger camera bags. Or a roller case or bag for lights and other stuff. ($30-100)

18. Flash bracket for camera. These are also a little more personal to your needs, but if you shoot with an external flash a bracket may be best for your needs. Check your flash and bracket camera specs. (Bracket: $100-300; Flash: $200-$400)

19. High-end printerThere are some really great printers for amateurs and professionals. Some even print on large-size paper to create output comparable to large labs. Variations on this theme include paper samplers, note card stocks, and printer/scanner combinations. (Printer: $300-$2000)

20. Slide Show Software. Who wouldn’t want to see a polished slide presentation with music? Are your photographers still making or selling slide shows? ProShow Gold is a great start and Proshow Producer is even better. ($50-$300)

21. Color calibration. It varies from monitor to monitor. It is essential that your monitor can display true colors. These devices calibrate the screen, and sometimes printers and other devices, to known settings so that the colors you see on your screen are accurate. ($150-$500)

22. Photographer’s Best. Yes, very geeky, but also very functional. ($50-$150)

23. Camera clothing. A weather protection cover for your camera helps in drizzle and other inclement weather. A waterproof housing allows the camera to be used underwater. Airship reduces shutter noise, allowing it to be used in very quiet situations. These are custom-fit to your camera and possibly lenses, so choose the right product carefully.($50-$200)

24. Find them a gig. Use your network and influence to give them the photo ops they want to do.This is good for beginner photographers – pros may have different ideas. Check out my article for more ideas 10 ways to grow as a professional photographer.

25. A new body. It is the camera body. If they have a SLR, consider buying a duplicate body or he one model if they use the same lens. The flexibility of having a backup camera or he has two lenses at his fingertips will make the photographer smile. ($1000-$8000).

26. Photobook. There are excellent “how to” books on all kinds of photography. Or consider getting a business or technology book, such as Photoshop or web design. Or pick up a coffee table book with great photos that you can use for inspiration. ($10-$50)

27. Blank DVDs. Many photographers back up their work to DVDs and use them for slide shows. I appreciate they have extras. Don’t forget to use a jewel case. ($20-$50)

28. DVD/CD label printer. These are rather specialized devices. This allows users to print any image onto a special DVD or CD. If you’re gifting a DVD to someone, this could be a great item. Also note that some newer printers print directly to these same DVDs or CDs. ($150-$300).

29. Proofbook or Album. If you print a lot of proofs, don’t hide them in boxes. Get some albums so they can show them and use them to show others. There are some neat “selfie stick” albums that you can press prints onto a sticky background to create a very professional album.($10-$200)

30. More Power! These include lithium AA batteries for flash and autofocus, spare batteries for camera models, portable batteries for lighting, extension cords and power strips for all electronic toys. There is no such thing as too much code. ($10-$100)

How to choose the right gift? Print this out and put it where the photographer will see it, get inspired and circle a few things. You can ask him to create a “wish list” at one of his popular online sellers such as Amazon. Alternatively, you can have one of their fellow girlfriends pick brains for you and report back.

To save money, check sites like eBay, Craigslist, and other areas where people may be selling items. Also, check your local camera store for consignment or used equipment.

Either way, have fun choosing and giving your photographer a gift. They will appreciate the time and effort you put in!

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