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Planning a Wedding That Doesn’t Kill Your Budget or Your Relationship

If you’re planning a wedding and are concerned about your wedding budget, there are several ways to save money. The key to a successful budget wedding is being creative, flexible, and opportunistic.

Consider the following scenario. You woke up in the middle of the night wanting ice cream. With all grocery stores closed, run the options in your head. You can hit the all-nighter convenience store or coffee shop and pay a premium for this craving, or you can settle down with a granola bar in the back of your pantry. Then, when you’re grocery shopping earlier in the week, you wonder if you could have planned ahead and bought the ice cream at a fair price. You have the same shopping options for every part of your wedding. Planning ahead? Or do you just do without? There is no wrong answer, but planning ahead will almost always give you the best return on investment.

A key tip for saving money for your wedding is flexibility. Consider your wedding date. Probably a mild Saturday night in late spring or early fall. I am not Nostradamus. It is true that the majority of couples choose the same date for their wedding. Shifting your wedding date from a Saturday night in May, June, September, or October can significantly reduce your overall wedding costs. , Have a stormy Friday night wedding or a relaxed Sunday afternoon wedding. You might not think these date/time adjustments matter, but it’s unlikely that a Sunday afternoon in August or a Friday night in March she’ll have a full vendor schedule. This availability can lead to amazing deals when shopping. We have seen a $10,000-$15,000 wedding (total vendor cost) reduced to $2,000-$3,000 while all components of the wedding, including the venue, remained exactly the same. difference? Ceremony time on Saturday at 11am in June and wedding at 5pm on the exact same day. It’s brought to guests who are now able to plan their weekend ahead. That Saturday night wedding splits everyone’s weekend in half. It’s important, but you can also find specific savings for each part of the day that matters.

Wedding hall: Venues are usually the most expensive of your wedding investments, but that also means they’re the biggest opportunity to save money.If you want elegance, avoid country clubs and golf courses and Find a shady park or beach and spend part of your budget on elegant tables, string lights, and candle-lit centerpieces. For something quirky and fun, bypass the usual venues and rent an old theater or local art gallery. Think outside the box. Depending on the size of your guest list, you may find venues that aren’t considered traditional, but will fit your needs well. Private residences and local restaurants may fit your needs perfectly. Be sure to get all the details for non-traditional venues. Some locations may require additional insurance or may have restrictions on attendance, eating and drinking, so please be very careful during your interview. If you’re looking for a traditional venue, it’s often ideal to find a place that can host both your wedding and reception. Both in terms of convenience and cost, this option is almost always preferable to another location. If you choose a church wedding, be aware that some churches offer weddings for a small fee or even free.Call us and you might find some good deals

caterer: An ideal way to reduce food and beverage costs is to have your wedding during traditional meal times. can serve small appetizers, sandwiches, desserts, etc. Helpful. Most people will have snacks before and after their wedding if they know in advance that only snacks will be available at the wedding. Some venues require you to use your preferred caterer, so please know this in advance. A limited menu with more appetizer options often works well. Buffet style meals are usually less expensive than set meals. And keep this question in mind: What was the last wedding meal you attended? Most people don’t remember. Find the balance between quality, service and price.

cake: There’s a reality show that’s all about cake. Amazingly beautiful cakes are everywhere. Well, life-changing reality: It’s still just a dessert. But all that sugar and eggs and flour, and you, yes, are in a market that can charge you thousands of dollars for dessert. It’s fun, so I need a photo of the cake cutting and cake smashing afterwards. You can do the same with a small but elegant cake. The photos look the same, but the crowd is still gathering. And once the smashed cake has been wiped off the groom’s face, all guests are served cute little wedding cupcakes or sheet cakes that are cut and ready to serve. Or buy a pretty cake for a bridal party and have the baker make a sheet cake or two with the same flavor. Everyone enjoys cake and he can cut cake budgets by over 50%.

photographer: Many couples make the mistake of forgetting about a professional wedding photographer and hiring Uncle Harry. Remember that your photo will likely be the only tangible reminder of your wedding. It’s fun to share. You need a photographer with wedding experience to make sure every angle is covered and every pose is ideal. However, this does not mean that you should use your entire budget for photography. Search photographer websites and only contact those who have photos that match your style. When speaking with a photographer, ask for a quote that excludes prints, albums, or other photographic products. Get your edited photos on disc or flash drive and get a copyright release that lets you print your photos. Most photographers profit is in printing so you can save that money and print at your own convenience economically. There are many that offer no-print options.

DJs: A DJ is a vendor that some consider unnecessary and others consider invaluable. I think both apply depending on the type of wedding or reception. For a quiet and relaxing ceremony and reception with soft music in the background, find a venue with a sound system and plug in an iPod playlist of soft grooves. If you want your reception to be a party, hire a DJ. DJs vary in style and level of interaction, so keep this in mind. If you want someone to keep guests dancing, keep someone social and fun. Like a photographer, don’t skimp too much and hire a high school tech geek on the street with a loud sound system. Weddings are unique and require experience. Request a deal and compare prices. There are no real tricks here other than shopping in advance.

Florist: Flowers are beautiful and will complement any wedding. It also sits in a vase and sucks water. Each couple should decide if a little color is pretty or if they want a more elaborate floral arrangement. Consider. Many florists recommend using more greenery in your arrangements and using actual flowers strategically. This makes a lot of sense both artistically and economically. Some couples have opted for artificial flowers instead of actual flowers. They also last forever, so your investment won’t end up in a compost pile the next day. Because they often have more budget flexibility than the big retail chains.

Videographer: Have you ever visited a friend and watched their wedding video? Ouch. Now, with the development of high definition and better editing, today’s wedding video looks more like a Hollywood movie than the handheld he camcorder of the 80’s. Also, it can be very expensive. The real issue is necessity. After the first few weeks of marriage, can you watch your wedding DVD? Most budget couples skip videographers, but if you really want video, find a company that uses multiple cameras and edits in the style you want. Make sure they know the style you want and ask them to work with your budget.

other: There are some other storage methods that don’t fit into other categories.

Wedding favors are cute, but they often sit in the backseat of guests’ cars and end up being thrown out. If you have the budget, find something personal (a small framed photo of the wedding couple, a small package of candies or mints, etc.). Search online for many creative options.

Avoid leaving disposable cameras on guest tables at any wedding. The idea is great, but the execution is horrible. Spend hundreds of dollars on these outdated cameras and hundreds more to develop pictures of your child’s feet and empty plates. Don’t even consider this at your wedding!

Limousine: Beautiful and elegant, but only used when transportation is required. Hiring a limousine to travel three blocks won’t help you relax or save money. If you’re traveling around the city and want to splurge, go for it. Request a wedding special and find the services you need for the lowest possible price. At a minimum he doesn’t have to be tied to 6 hours when he only needs 3 hours.

Honeymoon: If you want to honeymoon but don’t have a lot of money, consider registering your wedding with a travel agency rather than a retail store. Your guests may even gift you a vacation in lieu of cutlery! Combine a wedding and a honeymoon without. Sometimes this is more economical than couples think, offering romantic and inexpensive wedding options.

Craigslist: OK, this is not a wedding component. But Craigslist can be your best friend. Find vendors, dresses, wedding venues and more in one convenient site. If you have certain skills, services, or items, consider exchanging them for matrimonial services using the barter section of the site. Exchanging an unused timeshare for a wedding photographer or an auto repair business for catering can be empowering and budget-saving.Read this section Find ideas to help you save money.

We hope some of these suggestions will give you ideas for stretching your wedding budget. Enjoy the process and remember that today is an important day for you. Build the wedding you want and let your guests enjoy traveling with you.

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