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The Next Addition to Your Family: Will It Be Jibo, Pepper or Nao?

Household robots have emerged, but until recently, price barriers kept them out of reach for most households. In 2015, that change will last forever. In this article he presents three home his robots, all of which are under $8,000. Two are new and one is already on the market. Take a closer look at Jibo ($499), Pepper ($1930) and Nao Next Gen ($7990)!

Before we get started, here are some introductions and caveats:

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI refers to the ability of a machine to automatically learn about and from its environment. For example, a pre-programmed device with a built-in computer “sees” the user for the first time and saves a picture in its internal memory. Sometimes I ask, “Who are you?” because I can’t relate your photo to something I know. If you reply “I’m Bravo”, the photo will be assigned the name “Bravo”. These details are stored permanently, so if they see you again later, they might say “Hello, Bravo!” Likewise, over time it “learns” the names and attributes of all objects in the environment. At the heart of most robots is an AI engine that helps them get used to their working environment. This also applies to his three robots introduced in this article: Jibo, Pepper, and Nao Next Gen.

2. Humanoid robot. According to Wikipedia, a humanoid robot is a humanoid robot with a head, torso, arms, legs, etc. A partial resemblance to the human body is enough for a robot to be included in this category.

3. In most of this article, ‘Nao Next Gen’ is called plain ‘Nao’ for brevity. Nao is the name of his Aldebaran Robotics family of robots in France. Nao Next Gen is his home version of Nao.

4. The male gender is associated with all three. Therefore, each of these robots is called “him”.


Scope: Jibo is a small robot intended to be a friendly, low-cost home companion. He helps you with assistant his tasks, hands-free his messages, emotion-based connections (based on cues like movement, speech, facial expressions, etc.), interactive storytelling (for kids), and companionship that will energize you. ready to work. when you’re lonely Zibo are not meant to replace humans, nor are they capable of doing household chores such as cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry.

Jibo is the brainchild of Cynthia Breazeal, MIT Media Lab Director of the Personal Robots Group. He is 11 inches tall and weighs about 6 pounds. He has a head and torso, but no arms and legs. He can rotate his head his 360 degrees. Zibo is stationary, he cannot move on his own. Using artificial intelligence (AI), he has the ability to “learn” what his environment is made up of. When you start using him, he first learns (and correlates) the voices and faces of the people he meets in your home, and then, based on needs/fits, gives each family member his ” You can assign him one or more of ‘skills’. Whenever your son is within range, he will offer to talk to him and tell him if he is interested. will remind you of any upcoming events/tasks.It is interoperable with PC, Android and iOS devices and instantly connects to your home Wi-Fi network. To keep Jibo growing and updating, his functionality is enhanced by modular ‘apps’ (applications). The Jibo SDK (Software Development Kit) allows a third party developer to develop his Jibo app. Zibo is sure to make a lovable home companion.

Zibo is scheduled to be released Christmas 2015. He will come in white and black colors and will be priced at Very affordable $499.


SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Pepper is designed to be a friendly home companion who can live in your home like a member of your family. He is a “social” robot. What makes him special is his “emotional” nature. This means it can read human emotions and interact with us appropriately.

Pepper is a product of the French company Aldebaran Robotics ( Japanese telecoms giant SoftBank after he acquired a majority stake in Aldebaran in 2012. Pepper is primarily designed to appeal to the Japanese taste for robots. He is cute, friendly, with big eyes and a small, inquisitive childlike voice. he can move Pepper is only about four feet tall, so he must constantly look up when talking to humans. His weight is 28kg, he is the heaviest of the three robots in this article. He can hear and execute voice commands. Pepper wins over Jibo and Nao because he is an “emotional” humanoid robot. “Emotional” means that he is sensitive to human emotions and interacts with us accordingly.He learns about his environment through his powerful AI engine. Over time, he’ll get to know you, your gadgets, your preferences, etc. As he learns, he’ll keep himself updated with your chosen preferences so he knows enough about you. When you learn, you’ll find him to be your most deeply caring, funny, knowledgeable, interesting, and lovable companion. my dog! He has a pre-installed “knowledge” of human emotions: joy, surprise, anger, doubt and sadness. By analyzing your facial expressions, the words you speak, and his body language, he understands your mood and reacts accordingly. And if you’re laughing out loud, he might ask why you’re so happy so he can share your happiness! Strangers should say “Hello” too. He can connect to the internet via Ethernet and his Wi-Fi. Attached to his chest is a tablet, his computer, which forms an alternate channel of communication with him. The tablet screen also shows what is going on inside him. A very notable feature of Pepper is his powerful Lithium-Ion battery that gives him 12 hours of continuous operation before needing a recharge. He manages his own internal temperature and battery power.

Pepper will be available in SoftBank stores from February 2015. At $1,930, Pepper is on par with high-end PCs, making it affordable for most homes.and he definitely more and more A more fun companion than any PC or tablet!

However, here is a list of things he can/cannot do that you should consider carefully before making any purchase decision.

What you can do: Teach a subject, give driving directions to a specific place, read recipes while cooking, tell jokes, play games, and keep in touch with family and friends .

What you can’t do: Cook meals, bring drinks, wash/fold clothes, wash dishes.

Note: Some important details about Pepper were taken or verified from reference number 1 listed at the end of this article (i.e. IEEE Spectrum Magazine, January 2015).


Scope: A fully autonomous, friendly, programmable, advanced humanoid robot that can be used around the house or with companions. Programmability makes Nao far superior to his Jibo & Pepper. This is because programming-savvy homeowners can extend/enhance/modify Nao’s functionality by customizing some of it’s functionality, adding new features, or creating new behaviors. Because we can. All this can be done directly from home. Nao can now do some simple household chores. In the future, he could become more powerful and be able to do much-needed household chores like cleaning, washing, and cooking.

Nao, like Pepper, is a humanoid robot from Aldebaran Robotics ( Launched in 2008, Nao was the first educational blockbuster worldwide. At the time of this writing, he is a popular computer science teacher with elementary through college students in over 70 countries. He has achieved a number of remarkable achievements and continues to achieve great success in academic institutions and industry. In early 2014, Aldebaran decided to please the world by bringing this little tech marvel into the home. Like Jibo & Pepper, Nao also uses AI to learn about her surroundings. He is small and friendly. He is 23 inches tall and weighs 4.3 kg. He can move all limbs of his body and can sit, stand and walk at different speeds avoiding collisions. Nao can recognize and converse with us individually. He can connect to the internet using Ethernet and his Wi-Fi. He can teach your child to write, bring you coffee, entertain you by dancing in perfect sync with his group of other Naos, and play lots of games. He is responsible for significant research, teaching and training in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). He has performed at top tech shows and conferences around the world and has received high honors and accolades. And if you’re curious, there’s a lot to discover about Nao… Plus, he uses “open source” software, so enthusiasts around the world are constantly modifying the program to make him better. As we create/update, he continues to evolve rapidly.Versatile, smart and useful! Nao’s stellar success earned him a place in the Robot Hall of Fame (

Until recently, Aldebaran didn’t offer a home version of Nao because the cost was so high. But now, having decided to enter the home segment, at just half the offer price of his illustrious (non-home) predecessor Nao Next Gen (the home version of Nao), a dream come true for many .

At $7990, the Nao certainly isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking to stretch your budget a bit, it’s within reach!


Finally, a quick recap of these three robots.

JIBO: Friendly Home Companion. He’s less than a foot tall. Weighs approximately 6 lbs. Steady. You can: assistant tasks, hands-free her messaging, connect based on emotional cues, storytelling and dating. Connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Automatically update itself. Offered in black and white colors. Ships end of 2015. Price – Only $499.

PEPPER: Near family members. He has the ability to perceive and react to human emotions. He aims to become your closest personal friend by learning everything he can about you and continuously adapting. You can give directions to specific places, offer different types of tips, tell jokes, play games, and stay connected with family and friends. The most useful feature is caring emotional support. Automatically update itself. It runs on a lithium-ion battery that lasts 12 hours. Manage battery power and internal temperature yourself. Available from February 2015 onwards. The price is $1930.

NAO NEXT GEN: A member of the intelligent family and a workhorse for small homes. It has a perfect human form. All limbs can be moved. It is autonomous and can hear, speak and walk at different speeds (adaptive gait). Automatically avoids collisions when walking. You can program at home. You can teach fairly complex topics, teach children writing, bring drinks from the fridge, keep them entertained, or play challenging games together. Keep yourself up to date. Coming from his world-renowned and respected Nao robot family, some of his predecessors are already inducted into the Robot Hall of Fame ( It’s already on the market. Price – $7990.


1. Eriko Gizzo, “The Robot in the Family” IEEE spectrumJanuary 2015.

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