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Leadership Traits for Congress

What are the criteria for an ideal Congressman? I am going to explore the combinations necessary to get the perfect Senator or Congressman. Browse to They worked well for me during his 22 years. Frankly, I am skeptical that politicians can really do many of these things. I have high hopes.

Leadership traits are simply the personality or character traits that make up a person. When you combine leadership traits with tasks, you get leadership principles. We’ll talk about this in a day or three. I left the definitions and suggestions for improvement intact. Added parliamentary spin to each.


meaning: Justice is defined as fair and consistent practice. A fair person considers each side of the situation and determines rewards or punishments based on merit.

Suggestions for improvement: Be honest with yourself about why you make certain decisions. Avoid favoritism. Always try to be fair and treat all things and people equally.

Parliamentary Justice: Each member of parliament is a member of a political party, but justice requires consideration of dissenting opinions and weighing the pros and cons based on facts. Not who contributed to your campaign or which committee you would like to be appointed to.


meaning: Judgment is the ability to think clearly, calmly, and methodically and make appropriate decisions.

Suggestions for improvement: You can improve your judgment by avoiding hasty decisions. Approach problems with common sense.

Congressional Judgment: Good judgment means making the best decision within the allotted time, based on all the facts. Like justice, your decisions and good judgment stem from your own core values, the facts at hand, and a strong sense of a healthy reality.


meaning: Reliable means you can be trusted to do your job properly. It means you can be trusted to get the job done. Reliability also means that we always do our best to achieve the highest standards of performance.

Suggestions for improvement: You can increase your credibility by developing the habit of being where you should be on time, making no excuses, and doing your best in every task, whether you like it or agree with it.

Congress Credibility: You have to be there to do the job. Adopt an attitude that every vote is a vote that counts. Don’t mistake credibility to mean that you can expect to follow party lines at all times.


meaning: The initiative is running, even though you haven’t received any orders. This means reacting to new and unexpected situations with rapid action. This includes being resourceful to get something done where normal materials and methods are not available.

Suggestions for improvement: Stay mentally and physically alert to improve your initiative. Recognize what you have to do and learn to do it without being told.

Congressional Initiative: This is the easiest trait for politicians to master. Based on the issue, at least the party was elected. So let’s tackle those issues. Find out what’s going on and get involved. If you’re doing nothing, start a stampede instead of chasing the herd.


meaning: Decisiveness means being able to make good decisions without delay. Take all the facts and weight them against each other. Acting calmly and quickly helps you make the right decisions. Announcing decisions clearly, decisively and in a professional manner.

Suggestions for improvement: Instead of acting half-heartedly or changing your mind about a problem, practice being proactive.

Congressional Decision Power: As defined above, it considers everything it has access to and makes decisions. Sometimes things change and you have to adjust. OODA is a military acronym for Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. It’s a never-ending cycle. When you begin to act, you are simultaneously observing and preparing to reorient yourself to a changing reality. , is better than a perfect plan executed at an uncertain point in the future.”Attributed to General George Patton Jr.


meaning: Tact means being able to maintain good relationships and deal with people in ways that avoid problems. It means you are polite, calm, and firm.

Suggestions for improvement: Start being resourceful by always being polite and cheerful. Treat others as you would like them to treat you.

Congressional Tactics: If I had to lose one, this is it.You must speak without saying absolute good and bad, ugly Deliberately attack. Don’t undermine your courage, integrity, or judgment for cleverness. For Congress, this means that while politeness is a sign of demeanor, don’t get so hung up on phrases so well-twisted that they lose the message.


meaning: Honesty means being honest and sincere in what you say and do. You put integrity, duty, and sound moral principles above all else.

Suggestions for improvement: Always be honest and sincere. Stand up for what you believe is right.

Congressional Integrity: This is the most important personality trait of a leader. Without honesty, everything you do will be defiled. Honesty, as always, means that truth is more important than politics. It also means not parsing words so that you can “tell a true lie”. If you ask about the definition of “is”, you may have to address this.


meaning: Enthusiasm is defined as a sincere interest and energy in the performance of a job. Enthusiastic people are optimistic, cheerful, and willing to accept challenges.

Suggestions for improvement: Understanding and belief in one’s mission increases enthusiasm for one’s work. Understand why you have to do the boring work.

Congressional Enthusiasm: This should be obvious. Why be an elected representative if you don’t like it? How stupid it is to keep doing something you don’t like. If you hate getting up every day to go to work (philosophically speaking, that’s what people do), go home. Enthusiasm is contagious, like a shot of nitrite to other traits.


meaning: Bearing is the way you act and carry yourself. Your attitude should reflect attention, competence, confidence, and control.

Suggestions for improvement: Developing perseverance requires upholding the highest standards of personal conduct. Don’t be satisfied with just meeting the minimum requirements.

Support for Congress: Being president, both in appearance and demeanor, is a must. Being able to do what you need to do while exuding calmness and confidence is inspiring.In other words, don’t lose your position and tell another member of parliament to “nullify” on-record or off-record


meaning: Selflessness means avoiding making yourself easier at the expense of others. Please be considerate of others. Give credit to those who deserve it.

Suggestions for improvement: Avoid using your position or status for personal gain, safety, or enjoyment at the expense of others. Please be considerate of others.

Congressional altruism: I don’t know if politicians are unselfish. Making deals and getting money is ingrained in our culture. It’s still unrealistic to expect that. However, I think it would be more realistic to put out requirements and then intensively train them to standardize them.


meaning: Being able to remain calm while recognizing fear is courage. Moral courage means the strength of mind to stand up for what is right and to accept blame when one is wrong. Physical courage means being able to continue to function effectively in the presence of physical danger.

Suggestions for improvement: You can start to control your fear by practicing self-control and calmness. If you’re afraid to do certain things that are required in your daily life, force yourself to do them until you can control your reactions.

Congressional Courage: There aren’t many things that can be added to the official line. Members of the House of Representatives must have the courage to stand by their convictions regardless of party line. This song says you have to stand up for something. The test of courage for elected officials is to see who explains negative propaganda and how. The other test is if you beat rank because it’s the right thing to do (as opposed to just asking for soundbites).


meaning: Knowledge is the understanding of science and art. Knowledge means acquiring information and understanding people. Your knowledge is extensive, and in addition to your job knowledge, you need to know your unit’s policies and keep up with current events.

Suggestions for improvement: Stay alert and increase your knowledge. If you don’t understand something, ask, observe, and investigate. Study field manuals and other military literature.

Congressional Knowledge: To Freshman Congressional Creatures: Learn as much as you can about anything related to your job. That means you must know the ethics manual soberly, know the key provisions of the bill you vote for/oppose. That means you have to burn the late-night oil watering down on the event so you can’t claim to have cheated later.


meaning: Loyalty means being devoted to your country, legions, seniors, comrades and subordinates. Our Legion’s motto is Semper Fidelis! (always loyal). You owe unwavering loyalty to your superiors, subordinates, and colleagues up and down the chain of command.

Suggestions for improvement: To increase loyalty, you must show your loyalty by never discussing Marines or unit issues with outsiders. Do not speak ill of your superiors in front of your subordinates. Once a decision has been made and an order has been given to carry it out, you are willing to carry out that order as if it were your own.

Congressional Loyalty: This is a conundrum. I have always said that loyalty to the party is secondary to some of these characteristics. You may lose the election. Be careful to pledge allegiance with due consideration of the implications for voters to do well. Once you’ve shown your loyalty, don’t back down unless you need to break your integrity.


meaning: Endurance is mental and physical stamina measured by the ability to endure pain, fatigue, stress and hardship. For example, enduring pain during conditioning marches to improve stamina is important in leadership development.

Suggestions for improvement: Perform physical training to strengthen the body and increase endurance. Force yourself to keep going and complete all tasks to the best of your ability, even when you’re physically tired and dazed.

Legislative Endurance: It means to persevere until you get it done. You go one step further and throw it out. Voting is first thing in the morning, so that might mean reading (filling in the blanks) the last 100 pages of the bill.

Keep in mind, I honestly doubt any politician can meet these standards. The reason I actively try to come up with ideas for the success of incumbents is because I want results. I and the rest of the McUSA (Mr. or Mrs or Mrs, Mrs. or Mrs, Mrs. or Mrs. Middle Class USA) family are pretty fed up with the last Congress which clearly had a majority and did nothing against it. doing. As usual, just politics is not the path of leadership. Instead, it’s a well-worn rut.

“The acronym ‘JJ DID TIE BUCKLE’ is used because it is important to always remember the basic leadership traits. Each letter of the acronym corresponds to the first letter of one of the characteristics. By memorizing the acronyms, you can better recall the traits. – Official Leadership Characteristics from the USMC website.

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