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Steampunk Costume Ideas

A short definition of steampunk is: Victorian science fiction.

A slightly longer definition is “What would the world be like if the technological revolution had arrived a little earlier?”

There are steam-powered machines and robots, Victorian culture, and both male and female adventurers and explorers. Think “Wild, Wild West,” “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” “Time Machine,” and his Jules Verne.

A small but powerful steampunk culture is growing in the western world, and more and more people are interested in it. It was a time when women were women and men were men, but this time I can understand everything, but women are allowed to be independent, hardworking and wear pants, and have all the comforts of modern technology. You can get…with a Victorian aesthetic.

If you want to try out this subculture, you can start slow by dressing up as a steampunk lady or gentleman this Halloween. You can start wearing steampunk costumes and eventually wear them every day.

some general points

  • Remember that whatever you wear should be in keeping with the Victorian aesthetic. This isn’t about time travel, it’s about trying to create incredible illusions of what the world was like in the late 19th century.
  • Do not wear clothes with clear labels, signs, or brands.
  • We recommend creating a role. “Adventurer”, “inventor”, “explorer”, “aristocrat”, “engineer” and “aviator” are all suitable roles for a steampunk character. “Mad Scientist” and “Villain” are also good choices.
  • Brown (I think sepia) is a popular color, but Victorians were happy to use all colors. Maubein, a synthetic dye based on aniline, was invented during the Victorian era and was very popular. In fact, the more sober and “natural” color schemes of plant dyes were considered boring and dull.
  • Cephalopods and arthropods are highly steampunk motifs, both in fabric prints and decorations.
  • Goggles and a pocket watch are essential accessories for steampunk outfits. You can make up for these deficiencies by decorating your clothing with gears, gears, and buckles.
  • All sorts of gadgets are suitable, but they should look Victorian. Modern gadgets aren’t hard to paint, so they look like wood or metal and glue brass details, but if your DIY skills are lacking, it’s a good idea to keep your gadget in a leather case. I can do it.
  • Brass instruments such as compasses, telescopes, binoculars and measuring instruments are also very suitable.
  • A revolver or pistol is a common steampunk accessory, and toy store guns can be turned into steampunk weapons with paint and brass details. Adding wires and coils will enhance the impression. But it is not necessary.
  • Tool belts, holsters, etc., whether you’re holding a gun or not, can go a long way in creating the desired impression.
  • Wear a hat. The iconic steampunk headgear is the top hat, usually adorned with goggles, but aviator hats and helmets are also typical.
  • Other accessories for men and women include gloves, scarves and shawls. Don’t forget your handkerchief.
  • Spats are very steampunk and can also be worn with leather gaiters or bracers with buckled straps.
  • Use multiple belts on top of each other.
  • Patterned or brightly colored socks are fine for both genders, but be sure to choose stripes, diamonds, checks, or decorative patterns.
  • Military items such as military jackets and medals are very suitable for both genders. I think large metal buttons and pasman terry (trimming with strings or braids) also fall into this category.
  • I love items that remind me of engineering, such as leather aprons and tool belts.
  • Don’t forget proper underwear. Girls and women must wear bloomers or petti pants and petticoats with skirts and sleeveless chemises, with or without buttons, and boys and men must wear one-piece dresses.


Victorian men always wore trousers, but kilts are a better fit for Steampunk. Victorian trousers have a high waist and fairly narrow or straight legs. .

Any long-sleeved shirt in a dark color will do. You can also use a T-shirt with long sleeves, preferably with buttons. The collar should be rounded. You can use sleeve holders, bracers, or roll up the sleeves, but don’t use short sleeves.

It’s good to use a vest, but if you don’t, you should use braces. Vests can be made from luxurious fabrics such as brocade or jacquard, and a matching cravat can be added. .

A jacket is fine, but a military jacket, duster, or trench coat is also fine. If you use a trench coat, choose a simple one with or without a patterned lining, or one without a lining. A western-style trench coat or riding duster would be nice.

Most shoes with laces are acceptable, but oxfords or boots (with or without laces) are best. Canvas shoes are allowed, but sneakers are not allowed.

Hats are commonly used when dressing up in steampunk gear, and in addition to the aforementioned top hat and leather helmet, you can opt for a bowler or fedora. It is recommended to decorate this hat with something preferably made of brass, such as a gear or brooch, but this is not required.

In the Victorian era, both men and women used jewelry. Suitable items for men are the aforementioned pocket watch, signet ring, cravat pin and cufflinks (if wearing a shirt with wide sleeves). It is acceptable for a man to wear one earring, but it should be a metal ring, not a jeweled stud. please. Brooches, especially medals, are good. Ribbons can also be attached to buttonholes and boutonnieres.

You can freely express yourself with your hairstyle. Anything is actually possible. Normal short, cleanly combed Victorian hair is fine.


To give a Victorian impression, women today have much more freedom to dress up than they did in Victorian times. That’s the corset. You can get away with a tight vest, but the main requirement is femininity, and few things are more feminine than the corset, so the corset makes almost any outfit look steampunk. can also be used.

The hustle and bustle also helps create an illusion of the past.

It’s okay to use some men’s clothing such as military jackets and pants, but you have to “girl it up”. Match the bustle with the pants, or use the bloomers instead of the pants. (For Steampunk, bloomers can be of any length.) Wear a hitch skirt over the pants.

You can wear authentic Victorian dresses or reproductions, but these are not very comfortable or practical. She wore a slightly short and simple skirt.

For steampunk, skirts can be shortened to above the knee, as long as there is volume in the form of frills, ruches, pleats, drapes, hitches and gathers. You can also add volume to the bustle.

Blouses, vests, jackets and coats must be worn.

Women’s hats are much more elaborate than men’s.

A parasol can be added to almost any outfit.

If you use handbags, opt for dainty, soft and rounded ones, such as reticules and pouch bags, or ones with elaborate beading and embroidery. Tapestry purses and carpet bags are also good choices.

Just as most lace-up boots work fine, so do lace-up shoes and regular boots. Shoes can be of any color, but pay attention to heels. Heeled shoes should be tapered or flat.

Women should wear dangling earrings, but they should not be too long or too large. Women can easily wear necklaces with long chains. Lockets and medallions are popular choices. Victorian women used rings and bracelets, sometimes to excess. A brooch is nice, and a medal looks good on a woman. Her usual motifs were flowers and animals, but choose cephalopods or arthropods to enhance her steampunk look. Octopuses and insects always work. You can also attach ribbons to the buttonholes and flowers. Corsages, nose gays, posies, etc. are very nice as women’s accessories. An analog watch with a leather strap is good, but a pocket watch, necklace watch, or brooch watch would also be good.

Hairstyles are free for women, but long hair in either braids, corkscrew curls, or upstyles is welcome.


Whether you choose a classic sailor outfit, pants and a shirt with braces, or add a sweater or pullover, there are two things to keep in mind. The trousers were short enough to cover the knees, and the boys wore long socks.

I have both boys and girls wear pantyhose, but some boys find this too girly and uncomfortable and should not be forced to wear tights. Give them your stockings and call them knee socks. must meet up to, otherwise you will be considered a liar or a cheater and it will work properly.)

For boys, opt for lace-up boots, but make sure the heels are split and the soles are made of the same material. Finding steampunk outfits for boys really isn’t easy. Also, stock up on regular leather ‘party shoes’ to ‘disguise’ the modern details with kid’s spats, or pair them with stockings for the boys. You can also use simple canvas shoes of the same color. Do not wear sneakers.


Girls are usually easier to persuade into wearing unusual clothes than boys, but the child’s personality should also be considered here.

It was unheard of for a Victorian girl to wear pants, but it’s perfectly fine for a Steampunk girl to do so.

A Victorian girl’s dress is usually one-piece, and you can choose between an early Victorian dress with a fitted bodice and a wide skirt that falls below the waist, or a late Victorian dress that is straight and belted at the waist. A simple straw hat or beret is suitable for both styles, but don’t use large embellished hats and match them with late Victorian or Edwardian dress.

Use black, white, or striped stockings.

You can choose ballerinas, strappy shoes, lace shoes or boots, laces or buttons, but don’t choose shoes with too thick soles. Also, avoid shoes made of metal, shoes with figures, glitter, or a lot of decoration.

Now the whole family is dressed up for a steampunk adventure.

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