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How to Pick a Good Portrait Photographer

Whether you need a great family photo shoot, need a high school portrait for your daughter, or want to capture the beauty of your new baby boy. It’s time to find a photographer who will give you the photos you want at an affordable price.

Relax: Lots of good news here! You can hire top notch photographers for surprisingly reasonable prices. And since photographers have their own style, you should be able to find someone whose photos you admire.

Unfortunately, many people don’t think twice when choosing a photographer and usually end up disappointed and frustrated. But by following a few simple steps and spending just a few minutes online, you can greatly increase your chances of finding a photographer you like and at an affordable price.

First, notice that too many people have bought a big black camera and started advertising their professional photography services on Craig’s List. Owning a large format camera (also known as a digital SLR camera, or DSLR) does not make you a professional photographer. The advent of digital photography, coupled with the relatively low prices of his DSLRs over the last 5-10 years, has created a generation of “wannabe” photographers. He has two major drawbacks in this situation. Clients are increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of the images they get from these novice photographers, and the professional reputation of photography is declining. True professional photographers are fed up with the proliferation of inexperienced, unqualified beginners.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to identify someone impersonating a professional.

1. First and foremost, look at the image portfolio/gallery that appears on your webpage or ad. If you don’t have an image, please be careful! This is the big red flag. If you have an image portfolio, take a good look at your portraits. You should use many images, not just three or four. More images will give you a better sense of the photographer’s style and consistency. Different poses and image types are required. It shows experience and creativity. No two images in your portfolio should be of the same person. This indicates that the photographer had no experience and had a friend model to help establish the portfolio.

2. Do the photographer’s images look like the ones you take with your home camera? If so, this person is not a true professional. Images taken by an experienced photographer with the right lens and lighting are dramatically different from those taken with his small compact camera. The background should be very blurry so the portrait subject stands out sharply. Your subject’s eyes need plenty of light to avoid the “raccoon eyes” created by the overhead sun. Tip: If your subject’s face is in direct sunlight, the photographer may not be an experienced professional. Few professionals shoot their faces in direct sunlight.

3. Does the photographer have a web page? What is the web address? The right professionals make the relatively small investment required to buy and host their own domain name. For example, or If a person has a web address that contains the words “freewebs,” “blogspot,” or “wordpress,” that person has a free site. and were unwilling to spend even the minimum amount of money required to have a professional domain name and web page. What does it say about the person’s attitude towards their business and facilities?

4. How much does the photographer charge? Price is not the most important thing when looking for a good portrait photographer. He can spend $50 on a portrait session, but he hates all the resulting images. And you can spend $200 on a session, love all the photos, use them as your Christmas photos, and hang them in your home for years. To some degree, you get what you pay for in pictures. True professionals charge according to experience and equipment level. If you see an ad for a free portrait, a $50 portrait session, or an ad for her $100 session that includes her $50 credit for prints, this means the photographer is either inexperienced or in demand. indicates that there is no

5. What type of photography does the person claim to be taking? Generally speaking, you need a photographer with some degree of expertise in portraiture. It is common for portrait photographers to shoot weddings as well. But be wary of anyone who says they do portraits, weddings, corporate headshots, architectural photography, events, commercial photography, fashion, sports, fine arts and wildlife photography.

After using these tips to build your list of legitimate photographers, keep an eye on style. This is the most important part of choosing a portrait photographer. The style of photography is very personal. Considered the best photographer in the world, depending on the style, it might take family portraits you hate. Use a lens to blur large parts of an image, or use PhotoShop to radically change the original appearance of an image. Others may take close-up shots of the child’s shoes or hair ribbons rather than focusing on the face. Some people This is all a matter of style and important to finding a photographer you’re happy with.

So please contact the photographer to get more information. How long have they been professional photographers? Do they attend seminars, take classes, read photography books, or otherwise constantly seek improvement? Do you publish your work, or is it clearly admired by your peers?

More realistically, do portraits have to be shot in their studio? Or do they come to your house with all the equipment? How many changes of clothes do they allow? How much does the package you want cost? These details will help you make the final decision.

Once you have decided on a photographer and agreed on the details of the shoot, you will need to sign a contract and pay a deposit to secure the photographer’s time.

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