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Yummy, It’s Mummy

“Why can’t mothers reach middle age comfortably?…Why is there a miserable pressure on us to look good all the time?…Why? Should there be fear of being a little tacky?” Lauren Booth, sister-in-law of British Prime Minister Tony Blair (1997-2007) (and someday EU President?)

It’s a long school holiday. I have to imagine that means I’m on my feet when his son and his buddy disappear into the park on their bikes. But no. I survived a week of transporting my son to and from the local Gifted and Talented Summer School of Grammar. I’m tired of being exposed for another week.

Yep, if anyone thinks having kids is all about kids… let me burst that bubble. Having kids means you’re always on the phone to look good. do nothing else. And for people who have children later than they used to… looking great all the time isn’t easy.

It was generally agreed that once domestic gratification took root in women, they should focus on their own good looks rather than their good looks, and should stay out of the limelight. This tacit agreement with society was in line with the rules of female fertility. As such, it was considered justifiable and appropriate to stop advertising the product when the “use by” date passed.

I remember when I was younger, people marveled at actress Goldie Hawn. To the fact that she was not Oscar (a cactus flower) and that she was still glamorously attractive when she was the mother of Oliver and Kate Hudson. It was hard for a 45-year-old woman to believe she had two children in middle school and could turn her head. Many thought it inappropriate to toss a head of long blonde hair, let alone appear in champagne glasses on the cover of Playboy. For months, the controversy raged. It was concluded that Mr. Hawn was a natural freak, not a standard we lowly humans would try.

The general rule of thumb back then was that being sexy was something under 29….then shuttered down and closed the store. … it’s game over. All this was not bad. Taking a vacation away from unnecessary competitiveness and the boring and complicated business of being a woman was hailed as a holiday of sorts. There was actually some truth in the convention that one thing was a young man’s profession.

Your 20s are your selfish decade. Freed from the shackles of childhood and not yet weighed down by the weight of responsibility, there is little you can do but invest in yourself. For most women, a large part of that investment is in our looks. And why…these are the years of the ‘man trap’…it’s always good to coat the bitter pills of commitment with honey But this act is usually done by the end of the decade, and when the kids start coming in, there really isn’t enough time in the day. but most of us are mere mortals, in a non-stop round of washing and picking up things and people. I’m so glad I didn’t expect that.

In those days, you could always find your mother. Practicality was the word that governed her appearance. Her hair was no longer than shoulder length and she was practical. I was wearing a suburban uniform. Her shoes were comfortable and practical with her prescribed 1.5 inch heels. If she’s wearing makeup, all she needs to do is dust her with a little powder, apply Lipslave, or brush her mascara. The older the mother got, the more practical the uniform became. , ovaries weren’t called OVERies for no reason. And society has given you permission to step off the fashion train – you are now a mother, after all.

And then… a cosmic event happened. The British actress in her thirties was photographed walking on her heather in Hampstead. She looked dazzlingly beautiful…and in front of her was a stroller with a little girl called Gracie.The child was hers…and the paparazzi were amazed. Anna Friel stepped away from her acting career to become a hands-on parent…and she…looked better…actually even more…than she did before her pregnancy It looked good. Desperate for a caption to print under this world-shattering photo, Fleet Street’s deputy editor called her after eating breakfast cereal for kids and said the phrase Yummy Mummy. was born.

From that time on, the luxury of chasing kids all day and looking exhausted was banished. Over 40 celebrities, from Brooke Shields to Halle Berry to Courteney Cox, have shown that having a baby can make you look beautiful too, no matter your age. These days, becoming a mother is no vacation from the pressure of looking hot.

I remember going to a party for the first time after my son was born. The date was circled on my calendar like Churchill’s D-Day. I needed to look great and not at all look like I had just had a baby three months ago. DO NOT HAVE A CHILD BEFORE 3 MONTHS!!!). There is no room for the postpartum tummy. And after a summer of pregnancy flats…suddenly, I had to learn to stagger in killer heels again.

I had to tighten everything up and go fast. (Don’t kid yourself, you only get pregnant in the middle of your crack…it all swells…every inch of you!) I can hear the muscles contracting and the postpartum contracted boobs glad to see the return. Of course, eating on demand will give birth to healthy (if not slightly heavier) children, and this is not a bad thing. My baby was raised and lowered 30-50 times daily by his playful mother, so I thought I had the best mother…but in reality I was using him as a weight. I got

All I have to do is walk into a party and hear my co-workers gleefully meow that I “snapped back.” And it was pretty much all I could do. Having a baby is exhausting enough without a size 10 Xmas operation. But it’s not just for big events…you have to look good all the time.

There were times when I couldn’t see her behind the pram, and the center of attention was the contents of the pram. Mothers spent more time preparing their babies for their debut on the local streets. and slippers to get attention…it was all about babies. In all its undeserved glory, it was laughing like a comrade. Being her mother at the time was very talkative, very friendly, and warm.

These days, simple things like popping out to get a loaf of bread mean makeup, shiny washed hair, skinny jeans and a cashmere sweater. At least it only gives 6 points for trying. And…if you’re going to walk behind a stroller in urban areas…wear killer heels. Tasty Mummy Dome leaves no room for practicality… deviate from the rules and everyone will think you just went pot.

When a child arrives at school, it doesn’t get any easier. The school gate is a despicable place. No, I’m not talking about the kids….it’s other moms. where do they get their time? Getting out of the car and about to go to Royal Ascot! When my son was little, when I had a part-time job, I would finish work an hour early so that I could get dressed in front of the school gate and go home. I once witnessed a mother changing clothes on the train to match the school gate… When you have children, just changing clothes for work is not enough stress!! Stay at home Even moms knew that your child was headed for social ostrichization if he rushed into jeans and put on a fingerprint-riddled top. Tell yourself that you are, and you will fall.

It became easier for me when I went back to my full-time job and left it to my grandparents. Still, attendance is required for school events, whether it’s a sports day, a parent’s meeting, or a school play, for fear that I won’t even reach the bottom of the required delicious mom standard. It was full. The general rule is that you need to look as if motherhood is what takes your steps. You and your offspring must always look perfect.

When you have a baby—you grow back—no postpartum bulges. Higher heels. Your hair is long and groomed, and your earrings are dangling. Babies instinctively know not to grab either. Your baby dresses like a little adult (baby leather jackets were all the rage when my son was little).

Then you need to enter the birthday party arena with an original theme and an extravagant “thank you for the gift”. (I remember thank you for coming was the cake to take home!). Also, you should refrain from any signs that you are older than when you gave birth three years ago. Now you should be able to chase a hyperactive toddler in 3 inch heels. This kid must always be clean and ready to shoot for the cover of Toddler Today.

These rules increase as children steadily make their way through primary school. By the time the kid turns her 11, she needs to look younger than she did when she had them. You may be middle-aged, but you should pass as a little older sister in your twenties. Botox is nothing to be ashamed of, and attire like that worn by Liz Hurley is a must.

The child is currently in junior high school. You should now be able to pass as a 6th former…or at least the MILF standard (which makes Rachel Hunter your role model by the Yummy Mummy rules). You should also always be ready to show other moms how hard you work by keeping your expensive gym bag visible. (This is when you’re wearing killer heels… don’t be seen wearing sportswear!) You must always be seen as needing to dash… you life is one big juggling trick. Basically, as your kids get older, you get younger. You are the busiest, most amazing mom on the planet… By the way, your stomach is ready to use as an ironing board whenever the need arises.

I am so intimidated by these delicious mummies. It all seems like a lot of work! Half of my son’s secondary school mothers can’t eat or move their eyebrows at all because of Botox. is! But I’m not brave enough to attack them. I wasn’t brave enough to show up to a talented and gifted summer school in sweatpants and a t-shirt. , followed by the entire Rachel Hunter ensemble…and I teetered to the gate in killer heels! Children like order and don’t mind rebelling, but breaking the status quo for rebellious parents is the last thing they need. So he came running to me at the end of the session and was happy to see me as usual. Except for one important detail…at least it raised some eyebrows!

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