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Kiev City Guide For Travelers

You plan your trip to Kyiv thoroughly, surf the Internet for information about Kyiv’s best attractions, restaurants and night clubs, and think about how to best plan your stay, what to see and where to go… you pack your new camera for beautiful photos of golden domes, Khreschatik Street and Kyiv parks… You think about what to wear and check the weather forecast for the days of your visit… In a few days or weeks you will enter another world with a smile People, ancient walled streets, monuments and cathedrals…

Fast facts:

Status: Capital of Ukraine

Number of regions: 10

Date of establishment: fifth century AD

area: 839 km2

Height: 179 m above sea level

Geographic coordinates: latitude 50°27’N; Longitude 30°30’E

Climate: moderately continental with mild winters and hot summers

Temperature: Average Kyiv temperature in January is 6 degrees below zero Celsius, average in June is 20 degrees above zero Celsius; The lowest temperature in winter is 25 degrees below zero Celsius; The highest temperature in summer is 32 degrees above zero Celsius.

Population: 2.6 million (2005)

Density: 3178 people / km2

Car code: AA

Phone code: +380 44

Kyiv Mayor: Leonid Chernovetskiy (since 2006)

Kyiv history

The legend says that there was a princely family of three brothers named Kiy, Shek and Khoryv and a sister Lybid. Kiy ruled a powerful Slavic tribe and was looking for a place to settle a new home for his people. When they came to the beautiful hills on the Dnepr river and saw wonderful panorama of the blue river and seven hills with chestnut trees, they liked this place very much and decided to settle there. They founded a city and gave the name Kyiv in honor of their eldest brother Kiy more than 1500 years ago. Prince Kiy and his family lived on one hill, Schek settled on another hill, which was given the Mane Schekavitsa, and Khoryv settled on the third hill called Khorevitsa.

Since 882, Kyiv became the capital of the ancient powerful state called Kyiv Rus. In 998 Kyiv prince Vladimir introduced Christianity to Kyiv Rus by Kyiv population baptized in the Dnepr river. In 1240, the city was demolished by the Mongol-Tatars who conquered Kyiv-Rus, and later it was rebuilt. Since 1362, Kyiv and most of Ukraine belonged to Lithuania and Poland and in 1654 it became part of the Russian Empire and then the USSR.

In 1991, Ukrainians voted for the independence of Ukraine and Kyiv became its capital. Since that time, it has been the center of political, economic and cultural life of Ukraine.

In November 2004, Kyiv was the center of the Orange Revolution, when hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian people protested election fraud in the streets and later elected a different ruling party and the president of Ukraine.

Kyiv accommodation

Most visitors to Kyiv prefer apartment or hotel accommodation. Kyiv hotels offer security and a certain level of service according to their level (three star, four star, five star), Kyiv apartments allow more privacy and flexibility. Average single room in Kyiv hotel will cost $ 100-130 per night, while a 1-room apartment with all amenities costs $ 40-60 depending on its location, location and extra facilities such as jacuzzi, home cinema, etc.

Kyiv attractions review

I recommend you visit:

Golden Gate of Kyiv – the ancient gate in Kyiv, now located in its center, is made of wood and stone with a small golden dome on top

St. Sophia Cathedral – one of the most beautiful Kyiv cathedrals with bell tower and chestnut trees around the cathedral

St. Michael’s Cathedral – newly rebuilt cathedral with beautiful blue walls, ornament and large golden dome

St. Vladimir’s Cathedral – Cathedral in Kyiv center where official Orthodox religious ceremonies take place

St. Andrew’s Church and Andrew’s Descent (Andreevskiy Spusk) – a popular place with tourists with many souvenir stands, old brick descent, art galleries and museums

Kyiv Cave Monastery (Lavra) – the ancient monastery, where you can see the cave where monks lived in ancient times, several churches and the biggest bell tower in Kyiv

Russian Art Museum and Ukrainian Art Museum – Art connoisseurs will enjoy seeing masterpieces of world art in Kyiv museums

Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theater – a pleasant experience of listening to live classical music and watching dances

Pirogovo ethnic village – an opportunity to see old village houses, windmills and household appliances of different Ukrainian regions

War Museum – You can see many tanks and warplanes there and the gigantic metal statue of the woman symbolizes the motherland

Kyiv Botanical Garden – in spring and summer you can see beautiful trees and blooming flowers there

Mariinsky Palace – a majestic palace where official government ceremonies take place, it is surrounded by green park with panorama of Dnepr and its left bank

Independence Square – the very central part of Kyiv, from which the distances to other cities are calculated, it has a large underground shopping center, central post office, banks and restaurants

Khreschatik Street – Main street in Kyiv where people can walk on the highway on Saturday and Sunday

Vladimir Mount – a park on the mountain with a large statue symbolizing Prince Vladimir with the cross when he introduced Christianity and baptized Slavic people.

What to wear

If you come to Kyiv in the summer, it would be nice to take a summer jacket, jeans and t-shirts, sandals or baskets and probably shorts or a dress in case of heat. For spring or autumn it is better to take some warm things and a jacket. For the winter, you need a winter coat or a warm jacket, some sweaters, a scarf, gloves and cap.

When entering a church or cathedral, women must cover their heads with a scarf, while men must remove their hats.

Dinner in Kyiv

To try delicious Ukrainian cuisine, we recommend the following Kyiv restaurants:

Pervak ​​restaurant – a medium-priced restaurant located in 2, Rognedinskaya St.. You can taste borscht and vareniks, small pies and various meat and fish dishes. Dinner will cost you around $30-50 per person depending on the food and drinks you choose.

Tara’s restaurant – located in Shevchenko Park near major Kyiv museums, near Kyiv University. You can order various pancakes as well as national cuisine dishes. Dinner will cost you $35-55.

USSR Restaurant – located near Kyiv War Museum and Kyiv Lavra Monastery at 42/1 Sichnevogo Povstannya St. and decorated with USSR symbols. Dinner will cost you $35-55.

Puzata Khata (Big Bellied House) Fast food restaurant combining original interior in farmhouse style, delicious Ukrainian food, wide selection of dishes and low prices. It is located in the center, 1/2a Basseinaya St., at the beginning of Khreschatik. Here you can try traditional Ukrainian pampushky, chicken Kyiv, various salads and main dishes. On the first floor you can also choose many cakes and even order fresh juice. Dinner costs $3-10 per person.

Zdorovenky Buly (Good health to you)

This is a very popular fast food restaurant near the Khreschatik metro station, which probably has the largest selection of different foods: salad bar, pancakes, varenyky, pizzas, soups, delicious desserts. Its comfortable rooms are decorated in different styles: Chinese, Indian, Egyptian and Greek. It also has a tea bar with cakes where you can sit and talk. Dinner: $3-10 per person.

Ukrainian souvenirs

You can buy various Ukrainian souvenirs on Andrew Descent (Andreevskiy Spusk): embroidered towels, matrioshkas, wooden painted plates and eggs, glass souvenirs, small dolls and national clothes, pictures and clothes. There is also a souvenir section in Kyiv Central Magazine (Tsum), in Khreschatik St. and a souvenir shop near St. Sofia Cathedral.

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