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Teas and Herbal Concoctions

I think from this point forward you should be very explicit in the form of tea you mean, of course you were referring to Black, Green, Oolong, Red, or White Tea, but that should always be mentioned due to the major misconception (to nobodies fault) that the Tea mentioned is of the same plant, coming from Camellia sinensis, this shrub produces the leave and dependent on the preparation of the leaf, is where one obtains the various “teas or Tea” as mentioned above.

Furthermore in life, sometimes when one says, writes, or depicts tea, that one is mentioning a broad spectrum of tea in general, which some think consists of any orally acceptable decoction of the various thousands of plants which are beneficial to humans/animals/plants, ie. a cup of tea, one usually thinks of black or Oolong or green but it could refer as mentioned in the last sentence any of the thousands of herbs, like an herbal tea.

For example; Refering to the book 20,000 secrets of tea,

Cranberry; a berry tea for vitamin C, b- complex, iron, and calcium-the antistress nutrients. It also cleanses the urinary tact, bladder, and kidneys.

Dandelion, A root or leaf ea for toning your liver and removing toxins. It’s a natural diuretic with potassium to maintain electrolyte balance.

Astragulus, A root tea with amino acids to restore your immunity, and maintain strong defenses. It also can be used to enhance other tea. Astragulus is also a type of aphrodisiac but of course should not be manipulated for unjust causes, like wasting oneself away for the pursuit of pleasure.

These threes “teas” or herbal decoctions were depicted maybe to help coincide with your seeking some of the essentials that vegetarians are requiring.

So as you can see many variables play into the “tea” inclination and a nomenclature acceptability of a herbs terms of use, and one should always be specific to the type of tea, be it generic, or specific or even vice versa (depends how one is looking, reading, undestanding it). And the more people that understand this, we will be better off and much stronger as a community of health conscious individuals being able to educate ourselves on the systematic constituents and/or (basically) the uses of different types of tea, whether it be the specific nomenclated “Tea” of the Theaceae Family known as Camellia Sinesis (Latin) KUNTZE or for various other decoctions known as tea in which we drink for ailments and remedies and known as beverages as well.

Tea as a beverage will be able to remedy many ailments and there is always a crossover between Eastern and Western Medicine so to divide is so bias. Its effects as well as effects within a pill form usually are referred to with the same definations, and most herbal books have those designations which will helpyou to seek your herbal tea remedy.

These definitions may be tonic; which is good for well being, diuretic; help increase urine, Nervine; helping to soothe the nerves. Any education into these definitions will help one determine a herbal decoction or tea beverage that is good for him/her.

Herbal Tea most often is to be consumed with water after brewing and hopefully not allowed to ferment into alcohol. To go alittle further on this topic, the alcohol acts as a preservative and many liquors contain different types of consitutents. Although if one can come to a conclusion that he doesn’t always need the alcohol to gain the effects of the constituents included in “the bottle of alcohol” ie, Anisette, contains fennel. It’s the fennel one enjoys, and that individual doesn’t need to take the alcohol with it to seeks its healing effects.

With commerce today, the preparations do not need to be contained for months at a time across shipping water like in the old days, so we can just ween off the alcohol and gain the soothing effects of herbs properties through a tea concoction, and these herbal teas should be more available in restaurants.

Overall one should realize its not the alcohol that they are after but the constituents in it, and there should be support groups that encompass this type of environment and system.

As it is not always easy to find the structure that allows for an alcoholic to ween to an unalcohol beverage that produces the same effect and coming to learn that the alcohol feeling isn’t necessary. Sometimes the “bottle” is the only way to get to the ingredients a said alcoholic needs. On this typic here, I want to commit that the chemical makeup of wheat is a very addictive constituent, activating the androgynous zone and so doesn’t most burbon as well as opiates and they quicker society comes to realize this the quicker we may be able to help fuel those whom need the care the most to deactivate off the hallucinagenics as well as alcohol, and the feeling of rest, if I may interpolate with those thoughts. My name being Thomas and having to do with bread as defined in the dictionary has helped me to lead into an undersanding of this, and to lapse away from glutonous behavior. Ie the bread basket and basket sometimes refereeing to trouble, well mom whats in the basket? Mother natures best I hope.

Also, some may want to know that Hops, a constituent in many “beers” is a hypnotic, be forewarned. And rootbeer was once known as any decoction that contained a root and the tea that was made out of it; but now with the soft drink, I think the rootbeer more or less refers to a beer made with a specific root, maybe licorice; but again overall could refer to any helpful root used in a decoction or tea as one maybe inclined to say or make. Try to stay out of the softdrinks so much sugar and I’m kinda a stiffy for the cornsyrup, just think its burned up to much to make the syrup losing the key constituents of the corn, as anything with labeled condensate. And well barley becareful ot to allow to stand alone to long cause, its latin name is Darnel, ya like in that sitcom that I don’t recall of yesteryear, Good Times or something, or is it Mama’s House you know “Oh Archie” which in its latin meaning means Drunkeness, the same with the Bithstone Stone Amethyst, A=against, Methyst=drunkingness, so febraury should be against drunkedness. Laughin anyway.

Take a breather and heres a new type of topic.

I think it is or may have been a major problem, hurdle, and misconception as we (most of us) were brought up to learn to use all God’s plants to our benefit, and a quick slash to that is that some are criminalized ie marijauna and caco, which is so close to the spelling for the coca nut, even cola nut as well as sounding like coffee nut, and even furthermore not to confuse the coconut, (the big round one) and once we can establish that those with the C’s nuts; cola, coffee, cocao(also known as cocoa, ie. Chocolate tree), caco,(cocaine base shrub/nut), and coconut (like the milk, or if I may fruit)are beneficial. (“I believe at this point, with a little waryriness to cocao(chocolate tree) and coca leaf, those forementioned are not hallucinagenic,) but if anything is overconsumed, people have a problem with their effects, ie to much chocolate (coca will make one hallucinate or sexually active), please watch out this Halloween).

Now if I may, we who like caffeine to speed up via green “Tea” and the people that enjoy a caffeine via coffee, (this may piss some people off, but even coffee may be considered to be a tea), well having all the previous knowledge as forementioned and not being surcombing to lobbists of the food industry(coffee) and sugar industry, the understanding of some of the fundamentals and constituents of the nuts is essential. For example, cocao or cacoa sounds and is spelled so close to caco that it creates confusion and I think the big wigs of the chocolate and coffee industry want that, so that the caco is much forgotten and they may monopolize and billions of dollars to go to antidrugging for the use of building a society and destroying another for its income.

I mean the acetates of the “cutting” (or bringing forth its major constituent for cocaine are not good, but the access to Caco nut should not be limited, (like why Coca it isn’t in Coca Cola anymore), personally I would like to try a decoction of the caco leaf in a tea. With regards to marijauna, though a hallucinogenic and so isn’t sage and wormwood (known as Tarrigon) (outlawed as Absinthe Liquor) which without the alcohol is used by many, contains Thujone (a constituent) that is hallucinogenic and mimics the active constituent of Marijauna, (TetrahydraCannibinol) both anodynes or pain killers. Well buyer beware, even lettuce is in the opium family, hereby in amounts will present a hallucinary effect. Soothing to some and being able to manipulate by others.

Well with all that, the laws shouldn’t outlaw only identify and in no way should people be roled around for not understanding what the industries try to circumvent through not well known knowledge for the fact that they want to monopolize on a one sided industry thereby hurting farmers and making large sums of cash for their onesidededness and unmistakenably hurting many through incarcination and ill fortune. I think some of the time the warriors of either side lacks a fully fundamental understanding of what they may be fighting over, and it’s the uppity upsy people who are holding the manipulating cards secretly.

Upon confrontation with those men and the warriors, when they do learn they may turn the other way for feelings of guilt or for selfindulgeness of what they seem to be having problems with, because change is often difficult and if there isn’t a good support system, failure is usually most unavoidable (well I had a brain fart and wanted to use another word like (undelikely not to happen, beg your pardon.) But if they are wrapped up in their society with overwhelming bills or on the reverse side nothing but the soil to plant that is being burned up or taken for other uses, change is difficult and fighting prevails, read an article about the monopolizing of chocolate fields recently in Africa, be wary of what you eat and whom is suffering for it. Same with the coffee produces and the caco farmers that wish to grow their own crops and not be manipulated and scrutinized for the sake of large industry buying up fertile planting area for their Coffee (cash crop).

Another alternative funny as it seems with all this craziness around is an alternate to coffee and some says it resembles or taste like chocolate tastes like coffee, it is know as Guarana.

Thats my blog a lot statement, feeling or whatever, so although the disciple Paul mentioned to stay out of Southeast Asia, I like God’s Green “Tea” and the taste of other Green “Teas”, whatever the green tea herbal tea may be, and without sugar and care not for coffee’s laxative and find the herbal green teas benficial to my health, so If I’m damned when Peters gates closes before me for drinking green tea maybe the Tibetains will allow me to sit in. Sorry I’m abit unhappy over the 1930′ cosmetique, drug laws and I think a lot of information has gone taboo since those times and god thankful I’ve come to find out and may help others in its resurfacing and decriminalization. Paul was a carrier of the cross, maybe I can relieve him one way or another, but quitting Green Tea or other herbal Teas is tough for me, seeing that it opens my life for a healthy breath and overall bodily relief.

To kind of reiterate, Potter’s Herbal Cyclopedia has an entry for Tea, Camellia Sinesis, (L) KUNTZE, Fam. Theaceae

It refers to Tea, be it Black, Green, Oolong, and Red. Henceforth a common misconception that shouldn’t be misconstrued is for those whom use various different herb teas with preparation by decoction and call them tea, because there is a known Tea (GreenTea etc.). Please specificy when using different herbs through decoction or (teas), like be careful of the “general” term Tea as inclined better or not with the specific nomenclated “Tea”; green tea, black tea, red tea, oolong tea. The plant Tea is also determined by location of where it comes from but based more on the preparation of raw product because even from China comes teas processes and/or fermented as opposed to India where a lot of the processed teas are known to have been prepared.

Not to confuse the issue but Tea as a slang, is known as heroin, or further more defined in the dictionary as anarchy. Well I think it is sometimes a misleading step for those whom seek a better lifestyle through God’s giving plants to be used by society and after all it is the poppy only “cut” again with acetates to make the constituent of something like the opiate come forth but be careful, for maybe not all the properties of the original poppy may be intact, as it may be burned off. Usually with all natural usuage the plants include their own type constituent buffers, which may helpdecrease overdosing within their own signature.

Theres a term known as signature of doctrines, which is or has been a guide by the ancients and some today as to what a plant looks like and what it helps with within a person, such as Mullein, a big leaf furry plant which helps in respiratory, the leaves the natives say are similair to the lung, with its aveolli, the little bushy branches in the lung that pick up the oxygen, well on the reverse the plant with its softness picks up the C2, be wary, this is an extremely dangerous practice and please never try anything outdoors without educated intervention and practice through tangible study.

If all the forementioned help to make some sense, I’m happy and if I baffled you, please speak freely and one (you)will come to learn through questioning.

I wonder whom didn’t want the poppy around and therefor people had to condense it to a heroin form for smaller “tighter shipment” so that people could still obtain it.

Those with the Hippocratic oathe?

Please pardon my inadequacies and the hypocrisy that our system/s sometimes entail.

Best to all and watch out for those hallucinagenic and hypnotic properties that may be unsuspectingly added via lack of knowledge or for other avericious (greedy) peoples and means.

umm “Green Tea”

Well even Wax Myrtle on this East coast of N. America, Massachusetts “the blue hill” or Massachuset, native origin; makes one soothing beverage, but some say the wax is toxic, many things are, and please be knowledgeable to various types of references, because even Potter’s Cyclopedia doesn’t mention toxicity and is sometimes less detailed on definitions

Don’t forget to add a little Appalachia tea to your remedy list, white willow 100% natural aspirin, along with its other beneficial constituents that bayer has left out in its synethetic form.

A little chew on the stick will do ya! Watch out as blood pressure will decease.

Please don’t get bogged down by the thousands of choices of natural decoctions as its is a lifetime of learning, and a field, no pun intended, that should be held dear.

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