Difference between Call of Duty Mobile Season 8 Game and Online Poker Game are two different types of games, both in terms of type, game objectives, technique, and target audience. Here are some specific differences between CoD Mobile (with recommendations for Season 8) and online poker games:


CoD Mobile: Team-based shooting game with the topic of contemporary war. This game is part of the Call of Duty franchise and is planned specifically for mobile platforms.

Online Poker: A tactical card game based on traditional poker games. Does not include gunplay or combat components.

Game Goal:

CoD Mobile: The aim is to defeat the enemy team in various battle models, for example “Team Deathmatch”, “Search and Destroy”, or “Battle Royale”.

Online Poker: The intent is to win virtual chips or money (or real money, depending on the platform and rules) by beating other players in a card game.


CoD Mobile: Involves controlling a character that moves in a 3D environment, shooting opponents, working with teammates, and using various strategies to achieve victory.

Online Poker: Involves a decision-making process based on the cards held and the open cards in the middle of the table. Tactics, the ability to read the enemy, and controlling money are the main keys in the game.

Diagrams and Audio:

CoD Mobile: Immersive 3D graphics with realistic sound effects from weapons, explosions and environmental surroundings.

Online Poker: Diagrams are generally simpler, concentrating on the poker table and cards, with sounds visualizing actions such as dealing cards or betting chips.

Target Demographics:

CoD Mobile: Players who enjoy fast-paced action, team-based combat, and shooting games.

Online Poker: Players are more interested in tactics, card play and decision-making processes.


CoD Mobile: Monetization is generally through in-program purchases of skins, weapons, and other points.

Online Poker: Can be through the purchase of virtual chips, commission from the pot (rake), or through competition entry fees.

Social Factors:

CoD Mobile: Teamwork is important, especially in certain game models. Communication with team partners can increase your chances of winning.

Online Poker: Even though it is played by other players, poker is more focused on personal play. However, understanding the attitudes and tactics of other players is an important part of the game.

Even though both are online games, CoD Mobile and online poker are completely different in almost every factor. Players may be interested in one or both depending on their individual preferences.

The advantages

Each game has certain advantages based on the type and playing technique. Following are the advantages of each game:

Advantages of Call of Duty Mobile (CoD Mobile) Season 8:

Graphics and Immersion: High-quality 3D graphics and realistic sound effects increase player immersion in combat.

Variety of Models: CoD Mobile offers a variety of game models, starting from regular combat mode to Battle Royale, providing a variety of experiences for players.

Personalization: Players can customize characters, weapons, and other equipment, allowing for individual gestures in the game.

Team Gameplay: Encourages cooperation between players in the team to achieve victory. This increases the social and communication factors in the game.

Popular Franchise Experience: For fans of the Call of Duty franchise, this mobile version provides the same experience as the console/PC version, but in a more accessible format.

Online Poker Advantages:

Tactics and Skills: Poker is a game that combines luck and skill. The ability to read the enemy, make sound decisions, and long-term tactics are important.

Accessibility: Online poker can be played anytime and anywhere, as long as there is internet access.

Variety of Competitions: Many online poker platforms offer a variety of competition types with varying buy-in levels and prizes.

Social Relationships: Although focused on personal play, online poker allows for relationships with players from all over the world. Some platforms even offer a chat feature.

Financial Returns: For sufficiently skilled players, online poker becomes a source of income, either through cash games or competitions.

In summary, the advantages of each game depend on what the player is looking for. CoD Mobile stands out in its fast-paced action and team-based gameplay, and online poker offers depth in tactics, psychology and the power of monetary returns.

Bonuses Given

Both “Call of Duty Mobile” (CoD Mobile) or various online poker platforms generally offer various types of bonuses to attract and retain players. However, the types and ways in which bonuses are given are completely different between the two games. Please look at the examples:

Bonuses on Call of Duty Mobile (CoD Mobile):

Daily Bonus: Players may earn rewards simply by logging into the game every day. These prizes can be in the form of game currency, personalization points, or something else.

Vision or Obstacle Bonuses: CoD Mobile often offers special visions or obstacles that, when completed, give players rewards such as weapon skins, characters, or experience points.

Random Bonuses: With each new season, there is generally a series of bonuses that players can get by further advancing their Battle Pass, either free or paid.

Special Moments: DEWAPOKER Sometimes there are special moments or promos where players can win prizes or discounts on in-game purchases.

Bonuses on Online Poker:

Deposit Bonus: Many online poker platforms offer bonuses for first deposits or repeat deposits. For example, a site might offer a 100% bonus up to a certain amount.

Loyalty or VIP Bonus: Players who play frequently may earn loyalty points that can be exchanged for cash, competition entries, or other prizes.

Freerolls: Some poker sites offer “freeroll” competitions, where players can participate for free but have the opportunity to win real money.

Recommendation Bonus: If a player recommends a friend to register and play on the same platform, both players may get a bonus.

Special Promotions: Often, poker websites will have special promotions where players can win additional prizes or bonuses based on certain plays or results.

It’s worth noting that although these bonuses may look attractive, it’s always important to read the terms and conditions involved. Especially for online poker, withdrawal and playthrough requirements may apply to bonuses, so players should understand those terms before taking advantage of the offer.

Requirements to be able to join and play

Requirements to join and play on “Call of Duty Mobile” (CoD Mobile) and online poker may vary depending on the base and country. The following are the general requirements that are often found:

Call of Duty Mobile (CoD Mobile):

Suitable Device: You need a suitable cellphone or tablet with the minimum features recommended by the developer to play this game smoothly.

Game Account: You will need to create an account on CoD Mobile, which may require email or phone number clarification.

Internet Network: Generally game models require constant internet access DEWAPOKER .

Age: Some countries may have an age limit for playing shooter-type games or those with violent content. Make sure you meet the age limit.

Download and Install: You must download and install games from authorized program stores (such as Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

Online Poker:

Suitable Device: You need a suitable computer, cellphone, or tablet to connect to the online poker site or program.

Account: You must register and create an account on the chosen online poker website.

Age Clarification: Because online poker often involves real money, players generally have to confirm their age to ensure they are over the legal age limit for betting. This can take the form of document clarification such as a passport or driver’s license.

Internet Network: You need constant internet access to play poker online.

Capital: If you want to play for real money, you must deposit into your account using a payment system accepted by the platform.

Location: Not all countries allow online poker for real money. Make sure you are in a country or region that allows online poker before registering.

Agreement on Terms and Conditions: Before playing, players generally have to agree to the terms and conditions of the poker website. This may include terms of use, privacy rules, and other related information.

It is always important to check the detailed terms and conditions of the base or website you choose before registering and playing. This is to ensure that you understand all the terms and conditions that apply.

Game Guide

To provide in-depth guidance, we need to determine which games you want. However, I will give a basic summary of how to play “Call of Duty Mobile” (CoD Mobile) and online poker:

Call of Duty Mobile (CoD Mobile):

Setup and Controls:

After you download and install games from the program store, open and log in with your account.

In the special menu, you can connect settings to adjust control, sensitivity, graphics and more according to your options.

Model Selection:

Determine the game model you expect, for example “Team Deathmatch”, “Battle Royale”, or something else.

You can also decide to play solo, with friends, or maybe with random players.


Basic controls include character movement, shooting, switching weapons, throwing grenades, and more.

The goal is to defeat your opponent (the number depends on the model you choose) and achieve the highest score for your team.


After each match, you will earn experience points that help you increase your account level.

You can also unlock new points and increase your loadout along with your progress.

Online Poker:

Register and Deposit:

Create an account on the online poker website of your choice and follow the prompts to deposit (if you want to play for real money).

Determine Game Type:

Online poker has various types of games such as Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and others. Determine what you expect.

Basic Poker Rules (e.g., Texas Hold’em):

Each player is dealt two individual cards.

Five community cards are placed in the center of the table.

Players use the best combination of 5 cards to make their best hand.

Bets are made in different rounds: before the flop, on the flop, on the turn, and on the river.

The player with the best hand or the last player to keep betting after the others have folded wins the pot.

Start Playing:

Choose a table that suits your skill level and betting limits.

Follow your turn to decide whether to check, bet, raise, or fold.

For both games, it is important to practice and understand the process and tactics of the next game. There are several online resources, including how-to videos, that can help you improve your skills while playing.


The benefits of playing games, whether “Call of Duty Mobile” (CoD Mobile) or online poker, vary depending on the individual and how they relate to the game. Here are a number of prospective benefits from each game:

Benefits of Call of Duty Mobile (CoD Mobile):

Eye-Hand Coordination: Playing fast-paced action games like CoD Mobile can improve eye-hand coordination because players have to respond quickly to what they see on the monitor.

Make Vital Decisions: In games, players must make quick tactical decisions based on changing circumstances, such as the opponent’s position, available ammunition, and team condition.

Teamwork: The team model in CoD Mobile teaches players to work together, talk, and plan tactics together.

Depression Relief: For some people, playing games is a way to relax and escape the stress of every day.

Increase Focus: To be successful, players must continue to concentrate and be alert to their surroundings in the game.

Benefits of Online Poker:

Decision Making Skills: Poker teaches players to make decisions based on available information and predictions about the actions of opponents.

Increased Mathematical Power: Playing poker involves mathematical skills such as calculating odds, outs, and pot odds.

Psychic Skills: Reading opponents and trying to understand their tactics is an important part of poker, further advancing the knowledge of human psychology.

Money Control: To be successful in poker long term, players must learn money and bankroll control skills.

Patience and Discipline: Poker teaches players to be patient and choose their events carefully, and the discipline to fold bad hands despite enticements to play.

Whether playing CoD Mobile or online poker, it is important to do so with responsibility and moderation. Too much playing or betting can cause problems such as addiction, sleep problems, or financial problems. As with any activity, balance is key.

What age is allowed to play?

The legal age for playing “Call of Duty Mobile” (CoD Mobile) and online poker may vary depending on the country and its regulations. But, as a general rule of thumb:

Call of Duty Mobile (CoD Mobile):

CoD Mobile is a game with violent content (although it has animated features) and generally has a rating that shows a minimum recommended age. In some countries, games like CoD Mobile are often rated 16+ or 18+, but this may vary depending on the rules and game ranking body of each country. You should check the age rankings at your program store or from the gaming ranking body in your country for further information.

Online Poker:

Remember that online poker often includes gambling games for real money, the age limit is usually 18+ in some countries. However, in some jurisdictions, the age limit may be 21+. It’s important to note that online poker may be illegal in some countries, so it’s always a good idea to check your local regulations before playing.

If you or someone you know is considering playing one of these games, it is important to make sure that you comply with all applicable laws and age limits in your country or region. Apart from that, it is always wise to monitor the duration of playing time and make sure that this does not disturb the balance of your other lives.

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