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The Husband Is Mine

Mize looked stunning after the colorful traditional wedding ceremony between her and Chelule. I saw it boiling in a pot.was the beginning of Jund As is known in recent customs. She planned to remain indoors for a month, with advice from various older women of the Chelule clan. “Watch your husband’s stomach, and you’ve won his heart,” said Mama Ngoma, slowly stirring the bean soup. She was taught how to cook special traditional dishes and how to be her wife in every way.

Mize’s parents could not stop thanking the gods as their daughter fell into the hands of a lucky man. When Chelule first met her, his heart was on fire and it didn’t take long before he proposed to her. Chulule was rich by the time he married Mize. He ran a chain store in Sawai-cho and had branches in other towns. Many parents lined up their daughters for him, but Mize beat them all.

Chiku, the younger sister of Maize, continues to be tormented by envy towards her younger sister. She married her kindergarten teacher, Kazungu, whom she constantly compared to Cerle, a staunch traditionalist and staunch Catholic who had no faith in the methods of family planning. . One time, he beat Chiku seriously after learning that Chiku had attended her family planning seminar.In six years, Kazungu and Chiku had seven children. His immigrant salary was not enough and it was a life of hardship. Their lifestyle required them to live on handouts from friends and relatives. Mize was instrumental in their maintenance.

There is no room for envy in Mishi, the other Mize’s younger sister who was born in the third generation. A staunch supporter of her singleness, she always said she had no time to spend on the rules and restrictions of her marriage. She “loves the freedom that single life brings,” she said. When her sisters talk about their marriage, she boasts of her recent conquest in male circles.

Six years later, Chelule and Mize have two children, a son and a daughter. A perfect number, according to them. He defended his position when his relatives pressured him to have more children. “The fewer children you can give them enough attention and a good education,” he said.

One morning, Mize woke up with a headache. Not serious at first, but she continued until noon. She sent her housekeeper to her nearest pharmacy to get her Panadol. Her panador didn’t help ease her pain, but she still headed to the Keiyo market to check out the business, and it was the director’s fault that she suddenly collapsed and lost her consciousness. Employees in extreme panic screamed for help from neighbors who called for an ambulance. An ambulance arrived and stopped at Mize’s stall, which shocked onlookers.

Upon arrival at Mikocheni Missionary Hospital, she was admitted to the emergency ward. After examining her, her doctor recommended that she be transferred to the intensive care unit. It was later discovered that Mize had a severe stroke that ruptured a blood vessel on the left side of her head, causing internal bleeding.

The doctors’ desperate efforts to save her life were in vain when she died two days after being hospitalized. News of Maize’s death spread through Sawai like wildfire. She cried, mourned, danced, and sang mourning songs. Chelule took it bravely, but on the day of her burial she could not hold herself.

After 40 days of mourning, the clan had the dawn task of appointing a person to succeed Mize, as per Konde custom. When a married woman died, it was customary for her sister to succeed her. Despite the spread of Christianity among the Conde, this custom was still cherished. The self-proclaimed unmarried Mishi was the legitimate younger sister who succeeded Mize. However, Mishi is not going to give in to pressure from her clan elders. “Respected elders, let us not be deceived. I cannot stand in her dead sister’s shoes. I am not marriage material,” she said adamantly.

When the elders gave up on Mishi, they called for an internal meeting among themselves to decide on their next course of action. Kadogo, 20, has just graduated from high school and is waiting to enroll in accounting school. She is charming, her semi-dark perfection can set her apart as an Ethiopian girl, and on the front of her house she is an impeccable housekeeper. Ultimately, when the elders ask for her consent to marry Chelule, she is not timid.

The time for the “porridge party” was approaching. The female elders of the clan had invited the Chiku to participate in the occasion. Kadogo is seated in the middle and the women form a circle around him. She then receives a nugget of advice from each. The occasion was rife, and while each was enjoying their own portion of porridge, Chiku burst in in a defiant mood. “You are too naive to recognize the needs of men in the world,” she said authoritatively, bewildering the women. went out from

One night, before falling asleep, she stared at the four walls of her miserable bedroom. Her husband was fast asleep, snoring. If only I could get away from this misery and taste the riches of Chelule. I always envied her late sister. Don’t miss this opportunity.” She took it seriously.

Charo was whistling and singing while ironing Sherul’s clothes. He has been a laborer at the Chelule homestead for his fifteen years. His music became sweeter and sweeter, and suddenly there was a knock on the door. He keeps singing traditional songs until he opens the door. Without doing anything, Mize pushes him away and enters the house with the package. Charo stopped her music and gave her a merciful look. “Madam, can you tell me your mission?” he asked when the smell of the cheap perfume she was wearing gave him some nausea. “My mission is to take care of my late sister’s children,” she said boldly, picking up her luggage and making her way to Chelule’s master bedroom. I brought some cheap “see-through” nightwear that I had just bought. She lay enchanted on her Chelule’s expansive bed.

“I’m too tired to even put food in my mouth,” he told Charo when he got home. Charo doesn’t know how to get the news that there is a “visitor” in his room, and he is confused. Chulule immediately noticed the displeasure and bewilderment covering his face. “Charo, do you have anything to hide from me?” “Doctor, Aunt Chiku came over tonight and insisted that I stay in your bedroom until you came,” he said in a nervous, low voice. At the click of the door, Chiku jumped out of bed and immediately knelt before Sherul, but he stayed with her. He hurried off to take a shower without saying a word. The cold shower restored his strength, and when he saw Chiku lying on his bed, he couldn’t resist her gorgeous body. I found myself lying down. They spent the night together.

In the morning, Cherull stared at Chiku lying beside him and saw a glimmer of beauty he hadn’t noticed in years. And when the elders appointed a messenger to visit Cherulu’s house that morning to set a date for her wedding to Kadogo, they found that he was in no mood to speak to them. After much pressure to call Charo, he finally relented, he nonchalantly walked into his living room to find a messenger who had run out of patience. They shook hands, and Chelule gave him a look of contempt. “We have come to agree on a date for our wedding,” said one of them. I would like to go back to our practice of having a “realistic” knowledge that she would automatically become his wife,” he said. Calm but shocked. At that moment, Chiku entered the living room wearing a long gown in her usual defiance. Please,’ she said, and went back to her bedroom.

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