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How to Move to a Mountain and Snowboard Everyday

So you decided that you really like snowboarding. You’ve ridden every occasion at your local resort/hill and want to take it to the next level. Anyway, you have winter break and want to snowboard every day.

Where are you going?

One of the key decisions you’ll have to make soon is where to move if you’re not already living in the mountains. This article assumes you’ll be moving to the ski slopes as there are several other options for snowboarding every day, but that’s for another time.

First, you have to decide whether you want to travel to another country. If you’re in a place like Australia, chances are you’re traveling if you happen to host a lot of traveling snowboarders. Here are some popular countries for snowboarding and what they offer.


Arguably the best snowboard in the world. Canada’s cold temperatures and usually wet climate make it a winter wonderland. Western Canada’s peaks boast some of the deepest powder snow on the planet, and there are many great resorts that receive more than 12 meters of annual snowfall. Canadian mountain communities are used to international travelers working and playing at home, so it’s easy to make friends and meet fellow snowboarders. You may choose to live and work at resorts such as Whistler or Big White. However, if you prefer something a little quieter with the powder staying a little fresher, try whitewater or kicking horses. , means better snow conditions, so be sure to bundle up!


The United States has many great resorts similar to those in Canada, because they are located in the same so-called mountain ranges (some of which run through both countries). A little further south, the climate is milder, but the altitude is comparable. The western United States has several large mountains that receive up to 12 meters of annual snowfall. Some of the resorts here have many activities for tourists and large numbers of locals. Jackson Hole is a great place to cycle, with plenty of annual snowfall and a great nightlife. The resort typically sees more than 500,000 skiers annually. Wyoming’s Alta Ski Resort is a high-altitude resort that receives heavy snow and is one of America’s oldest resorts. The US has many great resorts if you choose to ride.

If you want to snowboard all winter long, there are plenty of other countries you can travel to, but we won’t cover them in this article. Simply Google your area of ​​interest.

Now that you’ve picked the resort you want to live in, let’s talk about the other choices you have to make.

how much money do you need?

Ski resorts are expensive places to live. Being a resort, they have to charge a premium on everything in order to extract as much money as possible from all the tourists and families that visit each year. That doesn’t mean you can’t snowboard and live on a budget that allows you to ride more fresh powder than most people dream of. The lifestyle you choose will ultimately determine how much you ride.

ticket for lift

This is all the reason you go. If you want to ride a lot, you will need a season pass. You have several options. You can buy one for between $750 and $2200, depending on your resort of choice, and ride to your heart’s content. Another option is to work at a resort. Most places offer season passes and take paychecks progressively over the course of the season. This is like a payment plan for people who can’t pay cash and plan to work there. If you call in sick to go, they are to stop the pass for the day and be stuck at home while your friends have the time of their lives.

Season Pass = $1000 (typical small resort pass price)


You will be renting a room in a large chalet or mountain house with other snowboarders. This is the only way most people can live full time at a resort. Because renting your own space can cost thousands of dollars a month. The typical rent for her one room in these share houses is about US$500 per month. Let’s say $550 because in some places you’ll pay an additional $50 in utility bills. Assuming he stays for the entire season, he’ll probably show up in mid-November and stay until mid-April.

5 months x $550 per month = $2750


Another nasty thing essential to human survival. Mountain food, like everything else, is overpriced. There are usually small grocery stores, but they cost about double what you would pay for the same product in the city. If you can find a ride to a city close to the mountains, you can buy food there cheaply, but you’ll usually end up paying resort price for groceries, and if you eat out a lot, you’ll find yourself spending money quickly. Living in a case of instant noodles can save you a lot of money, but let’s say you want to eat a well-balanced meal while you’re wrecking yourself snowboarding every day. Minute groceries typically cost about $75 per week.

20 weeks x $75 per week = $1500

Go out

I doubt it, but this is probably your biggest expense. You live in a resort and people are there to party. You live in a house full of new friends and there’s always something going on. You need to choose your night out wisely. A typical night out costs about $100 for an aperitif at home and less excitement. Depending on the week, he may have two of these nights, or one. On average, let’s say 1.5 nights a week.

30 nights x $100 per night = $3000

These are necessities and there are always unexpected expenses, but they give you a good idea of ​​what you need for living in a mountain resort and snowboarding every day.

Total for 5 month season = $8250

Now that you have the numbers, let’s talk about your two most obvious lifestyle choices. It’s not available to everyone, but the most fun and free thing he can do is save $10,000 to cover all expenses and spend his free time doing whatever he wants. This means you can ride when you want, be out whenever you want, and best of all, never miss a powder day! When you live in the mountains, it’s all powder days. Things can be tracked down quickly and it really sucks when it snows and you have to go to work. Seeing your friends and everyone else having the time of their lives while you can’t be part of it is a burning feeling like no other.

That leads us to another option most people take in your shoes. Get a temporary job at the resort you’re moving to. There are also special benefits. Not all resort businesses are part of the resort itself. However, if you work at a resort, you don’t need to buy a pass as the resort will provide one for you. Usually, this will be a payment plan that is automatically deducted from your paycheck. If you’re getting a “free” pass through your job, remember they’re in full control. You won’t be able to ride anyway.

Many of you can’t save that much money and are forced to get a job if you want to do something like this. fulfill. Working at night is great because if you can get up you can ride during the day. You can also take a cheap course and become a ski/snowboard instructor. Then you will get money for being on the snow. However, I do what I want to do, but I can’t hit where I want to hit, and I’m just teaching beginners the basics all day long. Some of the best jobs are the least popular.

Many people live and work on ski slopes for most or all of their lives. This is just a short guide to the peak of this lifestyle. There is much more to write on this topic. You won’t regret it even if it’s just one season. It’s something you will never forget. You’ll meet so many great people, make great friends, party like a rock star, and snowboard every day. If that sounds like your dream, what are you waiting for?

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